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Comfort and Style: The Best Scrub Tops for Women

19 April

Comfort and Style: The Best Scrub Tops for Women

Medical professionals working in the healthcare industry have to take care of what they wear. You have to stay comfortable yet professional throughout your shift, and still be mobile enough to fulfill you duties. This is why, it is of great importance that the scrub tops for women that you buy allows you to conduct your duties in a professional and stylish manner. Thus, we have compiled a list of characteristics that you can look out for in order to achieve comfort and style by purchasing the best scrub tops for women.

Styling Your Scrub Tops for Women

The first thing to consider when you are out shopping for your scrub tops is the style. You should always get your scrubs in a style that complements the particular shape of your body. Because women come in different shapes and sizes, it is important to get your scrub tops in the style that is most flattering to your individual measurements. Well styled scrub tops for women make you look more professional. Looking good in the perfect style of your scrub tops also be confidence boosting, that keeps you in a positive mindset and allows you to stay strong during difficult shifts. Greys Anatomy junior fit mock wrap nursing scrub tops are the perfect example of style that is available in scrub tops for women that looks professional, stylish and can have a positive effect on your mood.

Perfect Fitting Scrub Tops For Women

After you have selected the style for your scrub tops for women, you need to select the best fit. Your best fitting scrub tops for women should fit you perfectly without making you uncomfortable. The size you wear should not make your scrub tops so loose that you have to keep fixing the neck and pulling it back. They should, neither be so tight that they would restrict you from completing your tasks. The best fitting women's scrub tops allow you free movement, and complete comfort to move as you please and fulfill your duties in style, comfort and complete functionality. A perfect example of a fit that allows mobility in scrub tops for women is the Adar women's double pocket snap-front solid scrub top.

Fabric and Comfort In Your Scrub Tops for Women

One of the most important aspect of getting your perfect women's scrub tops is the fabric. You need to make sure that the fabric you choose for your scrub tops is breathable, stretchable, wrinkle-resistant, stain-resistant and moisture wicking. This means that your scrub tops for women should breathe and allow you to stay cool at work while still maintaining a clean and neat appearance. Stain-resistant qualities of your scrub tops for women enables them to get cleaned and sanitized without leaving any residual stains. The stretchablity of your scrub tops also ensures your highest level of mobility allowing you to work and conduct tasks comfortably and freely across your facility. Dickies EDS signature women's Jr. Fit V-neck scrub top is a classic example of breathable and comfortable scrub tops for women. This scrub top for women is made from 55% brushed cotton blend with 45% polyester poplin. This blend makes these particular scrub tops for women breathable, giving you a slimming effect for a feminine look.

Using Functionality In Your Scrub Tops For Women

Your scrub tops for women need to be functional for you during your shift. Functionality of women's scrub tops depends on how many pockets it has, to carry all the important instruments you constantly need throughout the day. As a busy medical professional that is constantly on their feet, you need to carry all your important instruments of constant use with you in order to save time. This means that, by utilizing the number of pockets you get on your scrub tops will allow you to be active and dependable even in emergencies. The extra storage also allows you to carry with you a snack to help you keep your strength up when you have a moments rest.

Selecting The Perfect Colors and Prints For Your Scrub Tops For Women

The colors you wear in your scrub tops can identify your department, as well as, your job description in your facility. This system of color coding was adopted in healthcare facilities in order to save time and increase identification of healthcare professionals at a glance. However just because you are color coded does not mean it has to be boring. You can pair your best color coded scrub tops with complementary colors to create unique and interesting combinations. You can also wear printed scrub tops in your assigned colors, to make wearing your uniform more fun. The printed scrub tops for women not only brings a smile to the faces of patients, but it also brightens up the overall gloomy atmosphere of hospitals. Printed medical uniforms such as Koi basics women's platinum grey black print Cali scrub tops for women are the perfect example of how printed tops can brighten up even the most gloomy and tiring day.

Customizing Your Scrub Tops For Women

Customizing your scrub tops enhances the functionality of your medical uniforms. You can get logo or line embroidery done on your scrub tops for women. They allow your patients and everyone around you to see your name, the name of your facility, your job designation, credentials, and the logo of your facility on your scrub tops for women. This will allow the people to remember you better and come ask for medical help directly, as the transparency from your side would make you seem more trustworthy.

You can also get bungee loops sewn on your scrub tops for women. Bungee loops allow you to strap your important work keys and access card on your person, so getting through doors can become easy and you save time on searching for them in your pockets. With bungee loops you can also gain access to doors even if your hands are busy. The Carhartt Liberty women's V-neck utility solid scrub tops is a prime scrub top for women that you can customize and be functional while looking effortlessly chic.


Medical professionals are always pressed for time and due to this, the variety of scrub tops for women that are available might become overwhelming. However, by getting an understanding of the characteristics that make up the perfect fitting scrub tops for women; that are stylish and functional, you can buy the best scrub tops for women every single time without wasting much time, energy and efforts.