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unveiling scrub shoe secrets

16 November

Understanding Scrub Shoes: What Do Our Feet Desire?

Working in any medical field, we have to constantly be on their feet and around people. Because of this our uniform or scrubs are always neat and clean. But how often have doctors, nurse and CNAs complained of our throbbing feet? How often have we had to work double shifts even with lower back pain? We end up blaming the workload for our physical ailments, being completely oblivious to the fact that wearing improper footwear might be the culprit.

In any profession it is important to know what footwear is appropriate in order to be able to work well while staying physically sound and healthy. In the field of medicine because we have to constantly be on our feet, here is a list of scrub shoes that work best with scrubs to help you make your choice before your next shopping run. The list of work appropriate are:

1. Sneakers/Athletic shoes:

The first and our most obvious choice for footwear to wear under scrubs are sneakers or any kind of athletic shoes. They cover and protect the entire foot along with providing support to the arches so minimize the feet from getting toO tired. They also help with stability, free movement and provide breathability which allows you to move and work easily without putting too much strain on your back.

2. Pumps/Ballet flats:

For women who want to be comfortable, functional and stylish we recommend wearing pumps or ballet flats underneath. They are lightweight, slip resistant and don't have a rigid sole allowing you to move more easily. Pumps and ballet flats are excellent choice as they don't chafe the feet and can get color matched with scrubs easily.

3. Boat shoes:

For something more semi-casual yet comfortable our choice would be a pair of boat shoes. They come in several colors and have plenty of cushioning to keep your feet loose and relaxed all day. Boat shoes also look stylish for people who want to dress fashionably even for hospital formal wear.

4. Slip-Ons:

Slip-ons are a great option for medical professionals hat are always on the go from room to room. Not only are slip-on shoes comfortable, they are also easy to wear and take off making them super functional. Slip-ons can be high or low so it is important for you to know which one would work best for you.

5. Mules/Work sandals:

Available in just about every color, mules and work sandals are a great choice for ladies that want to look stylish at work while still wearing scrub shoes that are comfortable and functional. Mules and loafers look chic and stylish with any kind of scrub and they are super easy to put on and take off so you can let your feet up whenever you can without worrying about wasting time with laces and Velcro straps.

6. Chukkas:

Chukkas are shoes that go with just about any type of attire. No wonder it is a popular choice for medical professionals. You can wear chukkas under scrubs and they not only do they look classy, elegant and stylish but they cover the foot protecting it. However it is important for you to make sure that they aren't too tight or giving you blisters when you wear them for too long.

7. Boots:

When we talk about footwear, no one can resist a nice pair of boots. By giving you full foot coverage and a clean look, boots happen to be one of the best choice for medical professionals. Although there are many types of boots such as engineering boots, hiking boots, cowboy boots etc., there is a favorite choice amongst medical professionals for its level of comfort that allows you to wear them all day without them hurting your feet. They are called Toni Boots.

Tony boots are designed for long time wear and as such their level of comfort is difficult to match. They offer comfortability along with a beautiful professional clean stylish look. What more can girl want?

8. Clogs/Crocs:

For medical professionals we are constantly looking for scrub shoes that are comfortable, professional and functional. But sometimes what works best is not always what we are used to wearing. Clogs and crocs are such an example.

Clogs and crocs are probably the most common scrub shoes worn in the medical profession. They are easy to wear, take off, clean and manage. Their rubber like texture provides a solid grip on the slippery floors as well. They also come in a variety of different sizes, colors and prints so you can match your personal aesthetic.

9. Moccasins/ Loafers:

Moccasins and loafers are the perfect scrub shoes for medical professionals that care about their health. Both moccasins and loafers offer comfort, style, flexibility and softness. They are also inexpensive which helps us in saving money and they come in different colors and sizes so we can color match. The right type of loafers can be classy and dressy under the scrubs that can be slip-resistant, whereas moccasins will provide casual yet comfortable walking with their rubber non-slip sole.

What Decision Should I Make?

When picking out a pair of scrub shoes for work, it is important to know what we will do in them. Only then can we select scrub shoes that are not only functional but are also good for our health. Just because medical professionals have taken an oath to serve others doesn't mean we should overlook our health and its needs. By wearing comfortable uniform an scrub shoes we reduce the chances of getting physical ailments that are caused by improper uniform, allowing us to feel good and help better.