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MONTH: October 2023

26 October 2023

Scrub Care: How To Wash And Maintain Your Medical Scrubs

Medical Scrubs as we all know it are an essential part of the medical profession. For medical professionals not only are scrubs professional attire within their respective medical facilities, it is also their job identity and designation. However...

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24 October 2023

10 Things to Consider Before Buying Plus Size Scrubs for Women

As we all know, women come in all shapes and sizes. From the skinny models to curvy beauties, women are a part of every profession. By 2015 the medical task force comprised of 46% women doctors and yet one of the most common problems faced unanimously is to find the right fitting scrubs...

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13 October 2023

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Your In-Depth Detailed Guide

Every year in the month of October, the world embraces pink hues as organizations, communities and people gather to generate awareness and create dialogue regarding The Breast Cancer Awareness Month...

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