21 DECEMBER 2018

Things To Know Before Becoming a Correctional Nurse

Have you ever thought for serving the inmates confined within the prison? Have you ever considered the possibility of becoming a nurse for the criminals? ...

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19 NOVEMBER 2018

Biggest Sale Of The Year That No One Have Offered Before

With a visionary approach to offer the nursing sector with the best deals and value, Pulse Uniform is all set to reveal its Black Friday 2018 sales. Starting ...

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01 FEBRUARY 2017

Get Relief from Sinusitis Pain - 8 Home Remedies

Headaches and minor ailments are something common in our lives that we experience due to lack of sleep, skipping meals and dehydration. And these often get healed within few hours of time by taking a relaxation break or a...

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18 JANUARY 2017

12 Simple Tips to Defeat Your Smoking Habit

You may be enjoying the puffs of smoke, but there is no safe way to consume tobacco. Replacing your cigarettes with a pipe, cigar, or hookah can't help you prevent the health risks associated with tobacco consumption. Therefore, if...

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16 JANUARY 2017

Appealing Smile & Pleasant Breath: 3 Steps to Oral Hygiene

Teeth are not only functional part of our body used in the biting, cutting, and consumption of food, but also an essential component of our personality. Your good oral health can have you so many great life-transforming advantages....

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12 JANUARY 2017

Anxiety Disorder with Nurses: 10 Tips to Tackle the Issue

Most of the nurses experience anxiety or depression at some point in their life, usually during their graduation years, or professional career, or both. You could also be one of them! Anxiety is a feeling of uneasiness, such as...

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09 JANUARY 2017

Back Pain after Giving Birth? 7 Tips to Conquer the Postpartum Backache

A pregnant lady experiences various physical changes in her body that can induce low back pain which may also stay prominent even after giving birth. Pregnancy causes expansion of uterus as it stretches during fetal development. It results in...

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28 DECEMBER 2016

7 Proven Ways to Control High Blood Pressure Issue

Just like oxygen, blood is the essence of our life and essential element for the various functions of our all body organs. Your heart pumps the blood throughout all other body parts from head to toes. The resistance...

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23 DECEMBER 2016

Learn to Manage and Prevent Eczema & Skin Allergies in winters

Skin is one of the most sensitive organs of human bodies. It not only reflects our beauty and appearance but also covers and protects our entire body. We often get affected with minor ailments and little pains that either...

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29 OCTOBER 2016

These 5 Healthy Exercises Will Help You Avoid Stroke

Swimmer Under Water in Pool

Your health revolves around your heart that powers your entire body. Therefore, it is your primary responsibility to keep your heart healthy and happy. However, there is a significant number of patients dying due to heart stroke. According to...

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27 OCTOBER 2016

4 Time Management Tips You Need To Try Today

In Time

As a Nurse, your routine is very busy and demanding. In a split second your day can change vastly, and you'd have to push tasks to make room for duties that take priority over others. This hectic routine and...

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24 OCTOBER 2016

5 Ways to Decrease Stress That Actually Work

Portrait of young female looking at camera while training on simulator in gym

Medical professionals are always on their toes, running around filling charts, attending to patients, standing in extra-long surgeries or stepping in for emergency shifts. They always have to be focused and give all their attention because one mistake can...

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