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best medical scrub trends 2023

The job of medical professionals is to constantly serve the health of those that are sick. And in doing so they sacrifice their social life, health, appetite and various other aspects of their livelihood as well. However one thing that medical professionals freely take into account is the styling of their medical scrubs. Medical staff does whatever they can to personalize and style their medical scrubs to look stylish and attractive while they work. This is why we have compiled a list of the best medical scrub trends of 2023.

Eco-Friendly Materials

In recent years the impact of industries on our environment has come under a lot of scrutiny. Therefore, it's no surprise that in 2023 more medical professionals are choosing to wear medical scrubs made from eco-friendly and sustainable materials that use less energy and water to maintain. These eco-friendly materials are our attempt to help with the conservation if the environment, so we can leave the future generations a good place to live.

Simple And Sleek

Despite all the different cuts that are now available in medical scrubs, yet the classic sleek look reigns supreme. There are reasons for that. First the classic sleek style not only looks stylish but also allows ease of movement. It also facilitates quick access to pockets so you can get whatever instrument you need. The classic sleek style also facilitates to the needs of many different body types by being a cut that is more loose and big to cater to different body shapes of medical professionals.

Pockets And Utilities

One of the trendiest things to happen in medical attire is that medical scrubs now come equipped with multiple pockets for their scrub pants and scrub shirts. The number of pockets on your medical scrub depends on its style and the customization you get. The purpose of the pockets and loops is to provide ample storage for you to carry your necessities around. These can include your stethoscope, your notepad, pen, pen light and even a packet or two of snacks for emergencies.


In 2023 the traditional look of medical scrubs has completely transformed. Where before there used to be just simple medical pants and shirts, now medical scrubs also have an option of joggers cut in medical pants. Jogger cut medical scrub pants are made to assist in the movement of the medical professional, without any excess fabric getting in the way. Since medical professionals are always on the move, the jogger cut of medical scrub pants is made more from a stretchy and flexible fabric. Jogger scrub pants have a loose fit around the legs to aid in easy movement. You can select your jogger scrub pants with a drawstring or elastic waistband.

Bold Colors

The trends of 2023 have been heavily based on color psychology. The fact that different colors effect our mood differently has been utilized in the medical industry through the usage of color coded medical scrubs. Each department is assigned different colors according to the job designation of the staff member. The most interesting aspect of color coding departments is that the colors assigned are cheerful and non- threatening to the patients of the department. For example the geriatric and pediatrics departments are usually assigned colors in light yellow and pink. These colors make the mood in the departments light and cheerful, gaining the trust of the patients that can be difficult.


Because the field of medicine is so tiring; to keep the medical staff going some medical institutions allow their staff to get creative with their work attire. Most medical facilities will let you wear printed medical scrubs in the color assigned to you. You will also be allowed to mix and match your solid medical scrubs with the printed medical scrubs. There are 5 simple types of prints that are found in medical scrubs. They are:

• Heather

The Heather print in fabrics refers to muted, soft colored fibers blended together into one yarn ball. Medical scrubs made from Heather fabric might make it seem like there are little specks of white fabric woven in between. Along with medical scrubs, the Heather print is commonly used in t-shirts and sweaters.

• Camo

Camo being the abbreviated version of camouflage, is a fabric created with natural prints that can make you invisible. This is done by the print on the fabric blending in perfectly with the desired environment. Medical scrubs with cameo prints might not blend in with the environment of medical institutions, yet by wearing them you can create a nice contrast in the ambiance of the facility.

• Marble

The Marble cloth is a fabric that has a marbled print dyed on it. The swirling patterns and marbled effect makes the fabric appear like a marble stone. Medical scrubs and jackets made from this pattern give a unique, fun and refined look. The pattern created is in a lovely contrast of light and dark shades of the same colors.

• Tie Dye

The art of tie dying is a popular method of designing fabric. The cloth material is pulled together and tied with a string or elastic. The tied fabric is then saturated with different colors of dye. The fastened part of the cloth resists the dye, whereas, the unfastened part absorbs the dye. The final result is a colorful pattern all over your shirt or medical scrubs.

• Animal

Animal prints on fabric not only looks stylish but it's a nice way to upgrade your basic medical scrubs. You can get patterns of skin, scale, fur and feathers on your medical scrubs. The animals whose prints are usually used for medical scrubs are leopard, zebra, tiger and giraffe.


The trends of 2023 are not just limited to fashion. The medical scrubs worn in healthcare facilities have now evolved and become its own unique world within the medical industry. Millions of dollars are spent annually to get the perfect fitting scrubs for your shift duration. And with all the trends that get analyzed at the end of the year, it was only appropriate to select the best trends in medical scrubs that existed in 2023