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MONTH: November 2023

27 November 2023

Shift in Style: The Comprehensive Guide to Layering Medical Scrubs


Within the medical facilities we usually see quite different temperatures compared to the weather outside. Sometimes the temperature inside the facility can be comfortable enough to wear regular...

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16 November 2023

Understanding Scrub Shoes: What Do Our Feet Desire?

unveiling scrub shoe secrets

Working in any medical field, we have to constantly be on their feet and around people. Because of this our uniform or scrubs are always neat and clean. But how often have doctors, nurse and CNAs complained of our throbbing feet...

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2 November 2023

Awareness Ribbons Guide Colors and Meanings

Awareness ribbons have evolved into potent symbols of solidarity and support that are widely used to draw attention to a variety of causes. These straightforward yet powerful ribbons, worn or displayed in various colors...

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