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The 9 Best Men's Medical Scrub Brands for Comfort & Functionality

13 March

The 9 Best Men's Medical Scrub Brands for Comfort & Functionality

As a healthcare professional, it is important to invest in the best men's medical scrubs. Quality men's scrubs are made from excellent materials that allow you to work freely, without the fabric getting in the way and overheating. But from all the brands that manufacture men's scrub, there are a few brands that have managed to stand their ground since their inception. Here are the 9 Best Men's Medical Scrub Brands for Comfort and Functionality:


From getting a humble beginning in 1938, Landau men's scrubs have come a long way from being sold at garages by Rudolph Landau, its creator. Now Landau is one of the top most reputed brand for medical uniforms in the healthcare industry. Their scrubs are made to offer comfortability at an affordable price so you can work easily without spending too much money. But the innovation that sets Landau apart from its competitors is the variation they did on the traditional poplin material, making the fabric lightweight and soft, yet durable and strong. This means that you can run around all day in your men's scrubs and still look stylish, comfortable and put together; even towards the end of your shift.


If a classic style in your best men's medical scrub is what you are looking for, then Cherokee is the brand for you. Being one of the most well-known medical scrub companies in the healthcare industry, Cherokee men's scrubs offer you large range of styles and colors to choose from. Their scrub pants and shirt are also customizable, so you can have the maximum number of pockets for comfort and functionality.


As a manufacturer of medical scrubs, no one beats Dickies scrubs and their collections. Offering seven different lines in the best men's medical scrubs, Dickies has created men's scrubs line that fit your financial needs. Ranging from most affordable, to the most expensive; their men's scrub lines come in all sizes, prints and colors. So now you can get your perfect fitting men's scrubs for a confident and professional exterior, in the price your wallet can handle.


Carhartt scrubs are designed with the traditional masculine image of men in mind. Their fabric though rugged, still gives you the stretch in your men's scrub that allows you to work comfortably throughout your shift. Carhartt understands the job descriptions of medical professionals and due to this, have created a line of the best men's medical scrubs that are stain resistant and moisture-wicking. The line also has men's scrubs with mesh venting on the back to allow breathability, keeping you cool while you sweat.

Grey's Anatomy

Grey's Anatomy Scrubs provides the best men's medical scrubs. Their men's scrubs come in 12 colors in sizes ranging from xs to 5xl, ensuring that anyone can find their ideal men's scrubs in their size. Grey's Anatomy manufacturers the best medical scrubs for men that are breathable, flexible and durable, to provide comfortability and range of motion. This allows you to work freely without getting distracted by your scrubs. Explore our wide range of styles, including Grey's Anatomy scrub pants, scrub tops, lab coats and more, to discover your perfect combination of size and style.


Being in the medical attire business since 1971, Adar is a brand that truly embodies everything that medical professionals need in their medical scrubs. Over the years Adar has spent countless hours to create beautiful designs that serve medical professionals well, by becoming an asset to the profession. Ranging from light-weight to extra durable, the men's scrubs created by Adar have moisture-wicking, anti-microbial and wrinkle-resistant properties. The lines of Adar medical scrubs are available in a variety of cuts and styles in waistbands, so you can be comfortable throughout your shift.


Just because you have to wear a uniform doesn't mean it can't look good. This is what Kathy Pearson, founder and president of Koi must have thought while designing her line of the best men's medical scrubs. Koi designs for me's scrubs considers style as well as functionality, to bring you a product that is stylish professional, functional and comfortable. Coming in a variety of attractive colors and styles, Koi scrubs, provide male medical professionals opportunities to style their scrubs according to their aesthetics, while still maintaining a professional appearance.


One of the more contemporary brands on our list, WonderWink scrubs is a line of men's scrubs that was created with compassion, perseverance and love for the medical profession. By keeping practicality in mind, WonderWink men's scrubs were created for the average Joe that wants to do his best job while still looking presentable. WonderWink men's scrubs are customizable to fit your particular body shape, in the style and colors you like. They are also made from material that has antimicrobial properties, offers durability, as well as comfortability. This enables you to work event through your busiest shift, with comfort and ease.


As the medical industry evolves, so should everything related to it. This includes men's scrubs as well. Skechers tackles this challenge by constantly evaluating its lines of men's scrubs and launching new aspects that would adhere to male medical professionals. Not only does Skechers launches new colors in their men's scrub lines, but their best men's medical scrubs come in an array of pant sizes, lengths and waist options, and styles. Skechers scrubs materials also have moisture-wicking, anti-wrinkle and stain resistant properties, so you can keep cool and comfortable in your athletic and stylish men's scrubs throughout a busy and sweaty day.


Male medical professionals have always had to deal with unisex scrubs that don't look attractive at all. But now through these wonderful and talented brands, male medical professionals have the opportunity and means of looking stylish and professional. By wearing their best men's medical scrubs of these brands at work, you can work with confidence, comfort and pride.