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16 June 2020

Here's Why Entrepreneurs Need to Invest in Healthcare

The science of preventive healthcare primarily focuses on deriving methods that help prevent diseases instead of curing or treating the symptoms. Globally, the trends are changing where scientists are focusing on preventing...

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22 March 2019

Pulse App - Your Go to Shopping Destination

Pulse Uniform, an inventor in the field of medical uniforms has outperformed itself once again, is coming up with an intuitive application that is committed to making your online shopping experience rewarding, convenient and hassle-free...

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18 MAY 2016

5 Facts You Need to Know About MS - Multiple Sclerosis

Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a neural autoimmune disease. Neural refers to nerves system where as autoimmune refers to immune system which attacks itself. A healthy immune system protects the body from infection but the case is reversed in autoimmune...

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19 JANUARY 2016

Top 10 Medical Innovations to keep your eye on in 2016

Every year since 2007 the Cleveland Clinic releases its annual 'Top 10 Medical Innovations' List. This list has quickly become a parameter for gauging the game-changing technologies that will have the most impact in the coming year. The annual...

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