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01 April 2022

Best 2022 Gifting Ideas For Nurses

Many people are perplexed as to what they should give to people who work in the medical field. Everyone expects to give and receive gifts over the holiday season, including nurses. However...

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20 January 2022

Here's why you should become a Nurse Instead Of a Doctor

You have already decided that you want a future in healthcare, but you are now finding it difficult to choose...

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31 December 2021

The Importance of Being Professional as a Nurse

An important aspect of being a great nurse is his/her ability to demonstrate professionalism. It is not important that...

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14 December 2021

The Importance of Nursing Professional Development

In healthcare today, nurses make up the largest workforce. Today, with COVID-19 and the need for efficient nurses...

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30 September 2021

How to Show Support for Nurses & Healthcare Workers

Nurses are the pinnacle of any healthcare system. They are the ones who have extremely stressful jobs and are often not given the credit they deserve. With...

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31 March 2021

4 Life Lessions You Learn from Nursing

As a nurse, you will learn a variety of life lessons that change your perspective on life. You will experience death up close, making you open to the stark realities of life. You will encounter things that will make you appreciate...

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23 February 2021

Here's why Nurses Are the Backbone of Healthcare Systems

Have you ever wondered what the healthcare system would be like without efficient collaboration and coordination? How will it carry out day to day...

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20 January 2021

8 Tips on How to Become a Nurse Blogger

With the Internet becoming a mass medium of expression, and individuals resorting to blogging to pen their thoughts, nurses have done the same. In the start, there was no particular direction, and people were not actually aware of what they were doing...

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31 August 2020

Night-Shift Nursing: Survival Tips That Help You Get Through

Are you one of those who are dreading nursing in the night shift? Well, there's no need to be scared.
We can't deny that working night shifts can be extremely challenging for new nurses, but it also comes with its fair share...

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26 August 2020

Are Nurses Paid Enough? 2020 Salary Guide For Nurses

Nurses play a pivotal role in governing the day to day operations of a hospital. A nurse is responsible to check vitals, administer prescribed dosage, draw blood, give shot, observe the health condition of patients...

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29 June 2020

Here's Why Nursing Is A Lucrative Career Choice For You!

Nursing is an extremely lucrative career option for those who wish to make a difference. A gateway to a lifetime of opportunities, this noble profession is thus the need of time as many governments now realize the value of a stable health infrastructure...

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29 May 2020

Fallen But Not Forgotten - Nurses Who Died In COVID-19

It is a sad state of affairs, but healthcare workers in America are dying. In a few stated, healthcare professionals account for 20% of the Coronavirus cases. Be it paramedics, doctors, janitorial staff or nurses - all these front liners are ...

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27 May 2020

8 Ways Healthcare Experts Can Take Care of Their Wellbeing Amid Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in unprecedented times resulting in a plethora of new stresses for all of us, particularly nurses, doctors, paramedics and other healthcare professionals. During these tough times, it is imperative to take care...

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24 April 2020

Covid-19 A Pandemic Reshaping The Healthcare Sector

Covid-19 A Pandemic Reshaping The Healthcare Sector

The Coronavirus has now been labelled as a pandemic, spreading across the globe every passing day. At this point, healthcare professionals are raising their concern regarding how this disease can affect the healthcare sector constituting mainly of women. As of now, it is estimated that women in the United States...

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24 March 2020

Nurses Week Gifts Ideas | National Nurses Week 2020

Nurses Week Gifts Ideas | National Nurses Week 2020

Nursing Week is dedicated to all healthcare professionals who are working tirelessly to offer the best medical services. Often hospitals consider Nursing Week to be an added expense. However, it is not necessary that you spend a fortune to have fun, rather you need to come up with enticing ideas to make your nursing week one of a kind...

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13 February 2020

How To Prepare For A Nursing Interview

How To Prepare For A Nursing Interview

While a few nurses may be comfortable with job interviews, there are others who might be amazing nurses but are extremely nervous on their big day. If you are anxious or nervous, your overall performance during the job interview may get affected...

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22 January 2020

7 Best Time Management Tips for Nurses

7 Best Time Management Tips for Nurses

As a nurse, you will be always short on time. I have often seen nurses complain that there aren't enough hours in the day to get everything done. This noble profession thereby keeps you on your feet all the time being extremely demanding...

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16 October 2019

Black Friday for Nurses - Deals on Scrubs & Giveaways

Black Friday for Nurses - Deals on Scrubs & Giveaways

This year, Pulse Uniform is all set to outperform itself with an entire month dedicated to bigger and better savings. This November, we are all set to bring to you the best deals that will make your shopping experience worthwhile...

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22 July 2019

The Evolution of Nursing Uniform Scrubs

The uniform of nurses had evolved considerably over the passage of time. Dating back to 1800s where floor length dresses with aprons were used by masses to colorful scrubs in a variety of styles, the industry has evolved considerably. With design modifications based on functionality, role of nurses...

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03 May 2019

23 Top Rated Nursing Scrubs & Uniforms (2019 Updated)

If you are a nursing professional, you will definitely agree with this statement that finding the right medical scrub can be a nerve wracking experience. With so many styles available out there, it gets super difficult to figure out which medical scrubs would look right and feel great. Another aspect taken into consideration is the value for money along with the brand reputation...

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14 March 2019

A Day in the Life of a Nurse

Nursing is one of the most demanding profession where nurses have to be on their toes to offer best medical services to patients. On an average, a nurse spends 12+ hours a day within the medical facility. Running around to save lives, assisting the paramedical staff and doctors, and helping patients with their everyday needs.

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05 MAY 2017

9 Amazing Ideas to Make this Nurses Week More Special

Qualified nurses

Nurses Week- What is it? Nurses' week, is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated events in the world of medicine. It is celebrated to honor nurses for the exceptional services that they offer making them the backbone of the...

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13 JANUARY 2017

Skills & Traits Making You an Adept Nurse

As a famous proverb says, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” similarly, it is always good to prepare ahead before getting into your professional career. If you are a nursing student, you may be concerned about your career...

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05 JANUARY 2017

6 Challenges: Every Nurse Must Be Ready to Face

Your nursing profession could be very rewarding. But, it could be equally challenging. In some cases, universal legislation lacks to address such issues at the institutional, state, or national level as well. However, it is always a pleasure when...

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12 MAY 2016

7 Greatest Nurses of American History - Virginia Avenel Henderson

From: http://alchetron.com/Virginia-Henderson-1309587-W

(Continuing with our 7 of the greatest Nurses in American History, check the part 6 here: https://www.pulseuniform.com/coffee-time/7-greatest-nurses-in-american-history-margaret-sanger/) Virginia Avenel Henderson - Modern Time Nightingale Early Life Virginia Henderson was born in Kansas City, Missouri in 1897,...

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10 MAY 2016

7 Greatest Nurses in American History - Mary Eliza Mahoney

From Biography.com

(Continuing with our 7 of the greatest Nurses in American History, check the part 5 here: https://www.pulseuniform.com/coffee-time/7-greatest-nurses-in-american-history-margaret-sanger/) Mary Eliza Mahoney - Civil Rights Activist, Women's Rights Activist & Nurse Early Life Mary Eliza Mahoney was born on May 7,...

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09 MAY 2016

7 Greatest Nurses in American History - Margaret Sanger


(Continuing with our 7 of the greatest Nurses in American History, check the part 4 here: https://www.pulseuniform.com/coffee-time/7-greatest-nurses-in-american-history-helen-fairchild/) Margaret Sanger - Nurse, Social Reformer & Activist for Women's' Rights Early Years Born Margaret Higgins on September 14, 1879,...

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08 MAY 2016

7 Greatest Nurses in American History - Helen Fairchild

Source: http://www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk/Wfairchild.htm
										Description: Photograph of American military nurse Helen Fairchild (1885-1918)

(Continuing with our 7 of the greatest Nurses in American History, check the part 3 here: https://www.pulseuniform.com/coffee-time/7-greatest-nurses-in-american-history-mary-breckinridge/) Helen Fairchild - Brave Hero and US Army Reserve Nurse The early years Helen Fairchild, born in Milton Pennsylvania November 21st,...

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07 MAY 2016

7 Greatest Nurses in American History - Mary Breckinridge

Image from: http://www.truthaboutnursing.org/press/pioneers/breckinridge.html

(Continuing with our 7 of the greatest Nurses in American History, check the part 2 here:https://www.pulseuniform.com/coffee-time/7-of-the-greatest-nurses-in-american-history-dorothea-dix/) Mary Breckinridge - Nurse, Caretaker and a Reformer of Midwifery The early years Mary Breckinridge, born in 1881 to an influential...

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06 MAY 2016

7 of the Greatest Nurses in American History - Dorothea Dix

Image: from Biography.com

(Continuing with our 7 of the greatest Nurses in American History, check part 1 here: https://www.pulseuniform.com/coffee-time/index.php/2016/05/05/7-great-nurses-who-changed-american-history-clara-barton/ ) Dorothea Dix - Educator, Caretaker and Reformer for Mental Asylum Bringing a reform Dorothea Dix played an influential role in the establishment...

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05 MAY 2016

7 Great Nurses Who Changed American History - Clara Barton

clara barton

For this Nurses' Week Celebration we have decided to highlight the struggles, efforts, and accomplishment of most exceptional nurses in American History. Throughout the week, we're highlighting a few of these nurses and how they have shaped our history...

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