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deodorize scrub shoes ultimate freshness

Because of the evolution in the style of medical attire worn by professionals, we have more options now in the style, cut and fit of our uniforms. However the best change that has happened in our opinion is the medical profession going from bland white to an array of colors for their scrubs. Just like a color coded index, most medical facilities now have adopted specific colored scrubs for each of their department personals making the facility look like a beautiful paint pallet. But how is color coding in the medical field beneficial? We have thought a lot about this and come up with the 7 benefits of color coded scrubs.


Clean Feet:

The first most obvious way to keep any type of footwear clean is to practice good feet hygiene. The medical profession is already quite dirty to begin with and by wearing scrub shoes when your feet are dirty or sweaty can means the bacteria builds up in the damp and warm shoes causing odors. We can eliminate this potential simply by washing our feet with soap before wearing shoes.

Moisture Wicking Socks:

Moisture wicking fabric is synthesized to absorb and trap moisture, allowing your feet to feel dry. By wearing moisture wicking socks your sweat gets absorbed by the fabric of the socks instead of clinging to the material of your scrub shoes. Therefore; in order to eliminate the buildup of germs and bacteria in your scrub shoes, you simply have to change your socks daily.

Loose Fitting/ Breathable Shoes:

Wearing loose fitting shoes or shoes with mesh on them are not only comfortable choices in the medical field, but they are also very good choices for eliminating the buildup of odors. Because the healthcare industries are places where you are on your feet most of the day, I is essential to wear scrub shoes that are comfortable, functional and breathable.

Wearing constricting scrub shoes all day, not only make your feet smell, but they can also get swollen throughout your shift. By wearing scrub shoes that are loose fitting and made from mesh, you allow air inside the shoes. This not only keeps the scrub shoes dry, but can also help in reducing the swelling in your feet.


Sometimes despite taking good care of your feet, or choosing a nice, comfortable, breathable pair of scrub shoes is not enough to keep the odors from forming. This can be due to any number of reasons from medical problems to the over use of footwear. Therefore, in order to eliminate footwear odors and freshen-up your scrub shoes, we will share some techniques with you that you can utilize. And these tricks work so well, we think it's sorcery. Some of this simply fabulous magic is:


NEVER underestimate the good that can come from simply leaving your scrub shoes to get air inside them. After work or during weekends, by putting your shoes out, in an open window or in a place with good air flow allows your scrub shoes to dry out completely. The sun kills off any bacteria in the shoes, whereas the fresh air dries the sweat and the settled dampness to the seams. This freshens-up your scrub shoes eliminating the odor causing bacteria by not allowing the bacteria to germinate, keeping your shoes odor free.


The second most important thing you can do to eliminate odors in scrub shoes is washing your shoes as per its’ care label. Some shoes made of soft fabric like canvas, cotton, nylon and polyester can easily be washed with soap and water, either by hand or in the machine.

Giving shoes a good thorough wash with soap and water kills all the bacteria that cause odor. Just remember to dry the completely under the fan or in a place that has good ventilation before wearing to avoid the shoes from getting molds or fungus growth.


As odd as it sounds, salt can be used for many things besides cooking. It is naturally antibacterial, moisture and smell absorbent making it a good choice as a scrub shoe deodorizer. Just sprinkle enough salt to cover the insole and leave it for a few hours. Then just vacuum or brush the salt clean. This will make your scrub shoes dry and feel fresh.

Baking Soda:

Another household cooking staple that is very useful for deodorizing shoes is baking soda. Just like salt all you need to do is sprinkle lots of it inside the shoe and leave it for a few hours or overnight then just shake it to remove the excess. Baking soda absorbs the moisture and traps the odors. And this process needs to be repeated a few times.

Fabric Softener Sheets:

Using a fabric softener sheet to deodorize scrub shoes is a good idea not just to eliminate odors, but also to give the shoes some pleasant fragrance. Putting one fabric softener sheet on each scrub shoe overnight would enable the sheets to absorb the moisture and neutralize the odors with minimal effort from you. The next day you will have nice smelling shoes ready to be worn again. Just remember to remove the fabric softener sheets before wearing the shoes.

Black Tea Bags:

An effective method of killing bacteria and de-odorizing scrub shoes is to put black tea bags in your work shoes. Since black tea contains tannins, it is an effective remedy to kill built-up bacteria in shoes. You just leave one unused tea bag per shoe for 24 hours to absorb and deodorize. If the smell in the scrub shoes have reached lethal or critical level then pop 2-3 tea bags per shoe and leave for 24 hours or more for it to work. But don't forget to take the teabags out before wearing your scrub shoes to avoid making a mess or causing any discomfort.

Rubbing Alcohol:

Rubbing alcohol is a natural deodorizer and not only will it eliminate the smell in your scrub shoes, but it will also disinfect the interior and the exterior of the shoe. By mixing equal amounts of rubbing alcohol with water and using a micro-fiber cloth to gently rub the solution inside and outside of the shoes will clan, disinfect and deodorize the scrub shoes. Just leave them to dry naturally till the residual smell of the alcohol dissipates. And then your scrub shoes are ready to be worn again.

White Vinegar:

Just like rubbing alcohol, white vinegar is excellent for disinfecting, cleaning and instantly deodorizing scrub shoes. You can clean your shoes by mixing 4 tablespoons of white vinegar in 1 quart water and then working the solution on the shoes with a cloth or toothbrush. You can leave the shoes overnight and then rinse thoroughly to remove the smell of vinegar. Give the shoes time to fully dry before putting them back on.

Shoe- Deodorizer:

You can also buy shoe deodorizers from the store. Just follow the instruction details for best results.

Freeze the poor sole:

As a medical professional if you don't have time for lengthy home remedies, you can just put your shoes in a sealable bag and freeze them over night. The freezing temperature will kill off bacteria that causes odors.


As you now have noticed that the main cause of odor in any kinds of shoes is bacteria. So by ensuring that there is no buildup of bacteria from sweat or other things we can reduce or even eliminate the cause of odors keeping your scrub shoes cleaner, fresher and odor free longer.