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4 Time Management Tips You Need To Try Today

As a Nurse, your routine is very busy and demanding. In a split second your day can change vastly, and you'd have to push tasks to make room for duties that take priority over others. This hectic routine and shuffling a number of functions together is major reasons nurses today are very stressed out.

So how to avoid stress and get most of your day?

Simple answer - Manage your time efficiently.

These are few tips and tricks that make a significant change to your routine and help you manage time:

Tip 1: Plan, Plan, and Plan!

A day is as good as it is planned. Plan ahead all your tasks in order of priority and importance. Keep track of all that needs to be done - charts to be filed test results to be recorded etc. Your day can change unpredictably with new patient admissions and emergency cases requiring your attention. Keep a log of what has to be done in your shift and stick to it. You will accomplish more if you practically plan out your day instead of jumping in head-on.

Tip 2: Make a note of it -Prioritize!

We often tend to miss out on things we seem to believe we'd remember. Don't rely on your memory only, note it down! Note down doctor's instruction or any medicine dosage that is important. Also, it's easier to just 'tick off' things from your record list once they are done, no chance of missing any out. Nursing School will teach you basic skills and how to pass the exam, but only practice at hospital will teach you how to prioritize your tasks

Tip 3: Organized Desk, Organized Mind.

An expert and a practical nurse has a well-organized system of getting things done. The workstation should be a comfortable space. Keep charts and lists in order. Keep extra papers or sheets stacked in 'need to be sorted' pile. Every day when your shift ends, get to this pile and get it organized. Keep your tools clean and in order. A clean and organized desk will help you start your day on a fresher note!

Tip 4: Teamwork is essential

Know how to utilize your team and bring the best about everyone. Nurses need to work together like a well-oiled machine. An issue with anyone can send the whole team into a spin. Share the workload by dividing up priority tasks and time-consuming responsibilities. If you are the head nurse you need to learn how to delegate efficiently, you can't do all of it alone. Assign errands by each nurse's competency and qualifications. Trust is also of vital importance, trust your peers to do their job to the best of their knowledge and deliver.