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5 Beauty Tips When You Only Have 10 Minutes to Get Ready

quick beauty tips

Working in healthcare often means keeping an odd schedule. Your morning beauty routine may not be needed until afternoon, and worse, you may get called in on short notice and have just a few minutes to get ready on the way to work. Use the following quick beauty tips to ensure you always look your best regardless of how much time you have for pre-shift preparation:

1. Set your clothes out before you go to sleep.
A key to learning how to get ready faster is determining *what can be done in advance, including choosing your outfit. Look at the stylish women's scrubs we have available with anti-wrinkle features, and check out the latest junior fashions or new designs available in all the colors allowed by your employer. A bright and interesting ensemble can go a long way toward helping you look your best.

Once you wake up, you can take a quick dip in the shower, smooth on your makeup and then step into a set of fresh, clean clothes. Take care of your hair last of all. If you run out of time, simply sweep it up into a low bun for a simple, polished look that stays out of the way.

2. Apply products that pull double-duty.
Learn how to save time in the morning by utilizing products you can use for two or more jobs. Select a tinted moisturizer with sunblock and anti-aging agents or a color you can use on your cheeks and eyes. Don't just concentrate on your face, either; hair products often fill multiple functions, like combining shine and volume control.


Want a fast and easy solution for color? Smooth blush over the apples of your cheeks and around your eyes to the crease line. Light-skinned complexions should look for a complementary bronze color, while pink is the color of choice for women with darker coloring.

3. Invest a few minutes a day in maintenance.
Whether you're buffing your nails or moisturizing your feet, working these tasks into your regular routines really helps on days when you're short for time. This is especially important for healthcare workers working odd hours. When you're transitioning to a new sleeping schedule, you may suffer from irritability and emotional fatigue. Practicing regular self-care also helps keep your self-esteem healthy and conditions like depression at bay.

Consider maintenance options that help you manage your time well, too. Waxing every few weeks saves time over waxing every day, and leaves your legs perfectly prepped for deluxe compression stockings. Tinting your lashes or eyebrows can also save time in the morning.

4. Pay attention to timing.
The best quick beauty tips help you organize your time to take full advantage of every step you take. Splashing cold water on your face first thing in the morning helps you wake up and adds a healthy glow to your skin. Follow it up by smoothing on moisturizer and dotting concealer where it's most needed. Then move on to other things while those base products have a chance to soak in.


This is especially helpful when it comes to your hair. Roll out of bed, pamper your doo, braid and wait while you continue with your morning beauty routine. By the time you have your face on, you should be ready to set those curls with a flatiron or spray. Likewise, you can wrap it all up the night before and not worry about your tresses until you're just about to walk out the door.

5. Rely on red when you're in a real pinch.

Wake up late with just a few minutes to spare? Swipe a bright red shade across your lips and be on your way. The color is so dramatic that it gives the impression of a well-planned appearance. It's also versatile enough to work with most hairstyles.

Running to work and realize you didn't remove your makeup before falling asleep? Dampen a Q-tip and use it to sharpen lines and remove smudges. You can also spritz shine spray on yesterday's limp curls for a refresher there, too. By the time you reach work, you'll wind up sporting a professional-yet-relaxed look.

Learning how to get ready faster doesn't happen overnight - you'll need to experiment with the methods that work best for your personal style. Stay in touch for the latest quick beauty tips and time management methods to help you make the most of your time off.