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6 Challenges: Every Nurse Must Be Ready to Face

Your nursing profession could be very rewarding. But, it could be equally challenging. In some cases, universal legislation lacks to address such issues at the institutional, state, or national level as well. However, it is always a pleasure when you smartly handle the hurdles, face the difficulties, and carry out your duties remarkably. I have come up with 6 common challenges faced by every nurse today:

1. Everyday Requires New Learning

Doctors and nurses are required to keep themselves ever ready to see their next patient with keen attention without any delay. Therefore, note down your daily learning and implement them in your every next shift to execute your duties as expected.

2. Long and Tough Shifts

You could be required to attend a long and tough job shift of more than 10 hours a day with too many patients to see them. Moreover, sometimes you may also be required to stay on mandatory overtime. At this point, you not only required to fulfill your responsibilities timely, but also meet patient's treatment satisfaction. Unfortunately, coinciding every patient's needs and expectations is difficult. However, tackling with this challenge is not impossible when you along with your colleagues show great team-work.

3. Ask for Clarification

You don't know everything regarding healthcare and related medical diagnoses simply because you are a nurse. Therefore, you should never hesitate to approach your seniors and professional physicians to ask for clarification regarding your perspective on a prescribed medication or symptom, just because you are a nursing practitioner and not a healthcare expert with some specialization.

4. On the Job Hazards, Safety Issues, and Inter-Professional Relationship Issue

Slippery hospital floors and overflowing sharps' containers can address risks for nursing staff. Similarly, serving and lifting overweight patients can demand high physical efforts. Looking after patients may also put you in illness or ailments by frequently contracting with their sickness. Moreover, nurses also report being threatened by angry patients. Furthermore, lack of respect and/or verbal abuse from administrators, team members, and physicians could also be accompanied challenge. Conflicting views and comments may lead to conflicts in nursing relationships between you and your patients, co-worker, senior doctors, and/or administrators.

5. Technological Advancement

You need to be updated with innovation in medical technology and discovery of new diseases, their treatments and advancement in healthcare services to achieve prosperity in your professional career. Moreover, with the increasing and advanced usage of Internet and smartphones, you are required to use electronic means for databases and documentation purposes, Skype for group video chats, and messenger for instant communication. Keeping yourself abreast with all these advancements would be a plus point.

6. Certification

You can be required to proof your academic qualification and job competence by demonstrating relevant educational and professional documents. Therefore, maintain continuing education hours contributing your academics and experience, and related certifications that are often required such as to ensure safety concerns and best practices for quality patient care.


Your nursing profession is as challenging as the benefits you get from it. Seek to learn all the times; learn time management skills to carry out duties effortlessly with utmost patient satisfaction; ask for clarification whenever in doubt; ensure personal safety and learn interpersonal skills; keep yourself updated with the latest technology and medical innovation, and maintain your certifications and credentials to prove your abilities and qualifications. We wish you great for your nursing career with this New Year!