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7 Proven Ways to Control High Blood Pressure Issue

Just like oxygen, blood is the essence of our life and essential element for the various functions of our all body organs. Your heart pumps the blood throughout all other body parts from head to toes. The resistance of blood flow towards any organ may affect its performance and functionality. Hypertension or high blood pressure, is a common disorder affecting one out of every four Americans. The condition is determined both by the volume of blood your heart pumps and the level of resistance to the flow of blood in your arteries. It occurs when the force of blood flow through the blood vessels is greater than normal. A patient may suffer from the condition for several years even without symptoms, and damage to blood vessels. Uncontrolled hypertension is associated with various chronic issues; it can strain the heart, harm blood vessels, and trigger the risk of kidney problems, heart attack, stroke, other serious illnesses, and death.

Patients with hypertension experience dizziness and disorientation for a short time due to sudden high blood pressure rushing to their head that is often associated with their everyday activities. During disorientation and dizziness, the patient may become unconscious of its presence and direction, especially if he or she is in unfamiliar surroundings. Its coordination may also be disturbed activating the sudden need to grab someone sitting or standing beside, or a chair, or table, or something else to prevent the fall. Making small changes to how they do their things will remarkably reduce the risk of having a head rush and avoid some potentially horrible consequences such as head injury or bone breakage.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle to prevent the life-threatening condition, viz. hypertension, and risks associated as follows:

1- Go For Physical Fitness
The weight of a person suffering from high blood pressure issue matters a lot. Overweight people are two to three times more likely to get affected by the condition than individuals with a healthy weight. Even a marginal reduction in weight can result in a big difference in helping you prevent and cure the condition. Therefore, strive to achieve and maintain a healthy weight.

2- Be Caution of Salt Intake
Research has shown that reduction in salt intake reflects fall in blood pressure with patients of hypertension. Therefore, cut back on salt to prevent blood pressure from rising.

3- Show Moderation or Rejection towards Alcohol Intake
Excessive consumption of alcohol can shoot up your blood pressure. To prevent the issue, limit your alcohol intake to no more than one or two drinks a day.

4- Learn To Manage Stress
Stressful situations often cause a rise in blood pressure, and over the time it may contribute to the cause of hypertension. Therefore, learn to do things that help you reduce your stress levels. Watch a funny television program for a peal of laughter, go out with your friends for a joyous gossip, spend time with family for inner satisfaction, or do something that you are passionate about. This way you can handle any disgusting mood and stressful thought.

5- Breathing Exercises
Relaxing in your armchair and taking deep breathing helps lower the blood pressure. Get habitual of doing daily breathing exercises twice a day for a least 10 minutes each time.

6- Do Regular Exercise
Studies have shown that physically active people have 20% - 50% lower risks of getting high blood pressure than people who aren't active. Therefore, get up early in the morning, and come out in the fresh air for a brisk walk or joyful jogging. Stretch exercises are a good way to improve the strength of your nerves and blood vessels, thereby improving blood flow.

7- Stick To Balanced Diet
Your balanced diet is the best way to control the condition. Therefore, consume plenty of juicy fruits and fresh vegetables, especially those that are enriched with potassium. Moreover, limit your intake of excess sugar, calories, and fats.

Though hypertension is a common issue affecting millions of American today, it is associated with various serious illnesses and consequences such as risks of stroke, heart attack, kidney problems, and death. It happens when the force of blood flow through the blood vessels is larger than normal. Patients with the condition experience disorientation and dizziness for a short time due to a sudden rise in their blood pressure which is common with them in their daily activities. However, the condition can be controlled and the risks associated can be prevented by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Maintaining a healthy weight, doing regular exercises, reducing salt intake, limiting alcohol consumption, doing breathing exercises, eating a balanced diet, and managing stress levels can help you prevent the occurrence of the condition and the risks associated.