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7 Ways to Express Your Style in Color-Coded Scrubs

Medical professionals often spend a lot of time in scrubs. In fact, nurses and other professionals may spend most of their day in these clothes. Scrubs are practical and can look professional, but it can be a challenge to personalize these clothes with your own style.

Even though you went into medicine to save lives, you still want to feel and look your best on the job. And just because you're a consummate professional, that doesn't mean you can't express a little style flair. With fashion scrubs and a little know-how, you can look professional, stylish and pulled-together - whether you're on a four-hour or a 12-hour shift.

How to Color Coordinate Your Scrubs

One of the best things to happen to scrubs is colored scrubs. Pulse Uniform makes scrubs in a variety of colors, including teal, deep blue, bright yellow, shocking pink and more. You can use color to transform your look in a few ways:

1) Match it.

Consider matching your scrub top and bottom for a classic look. With the right, bright color and matched accessories (such as a headband that matches your scrubs) you can have a very pulled-together look, fast.

2) Look for color details and prints.

Solid colors aren't your only option. There are scrub tops and bottoms with color-contrasting details. For example, Pulse Uniform has mock wrap scrub tops with contrasting piping and pants with contrasting drawstring, among other options.

Pulse Uniform also has a range of print tops you can match with a variety of scrub pants. One great look is to match your scrub pants to a color in your scrub top.

3) Switch it up.

While a monochrome look can look great, so can contrasting scrubs. Choose a top and bottom that contrast or go well together - navy scrub pants and a pink scrub top, for example, can add a bright pop of color while still looking great.

How to Look Good in Scrubs

Even if you wear the same thing each day, you can look great. Scrubs can look terrific, especially if you:

1) Choose the right fit.

You may need to shop around to find the right fit for you. If you are petite, check to make sure hems hit where they're supposed to. If you're curvy, a slightly longer top can look flattering. For taller and thinner body shapes, a more form-fitted look might be well suited. Shop around and try different fits until you find one that works. Pulse Uniform makes it simple with easy-to-understand sizes and size charts that take the guesswork out of the process.

2) Experiment with cut.

Long gone are the days when all scrubs were the same baggy and shapeless uniform. Today, Pulse Uniform makes a number of fashion-savvy styles, including V-neck, U-neck, mock wrap, classic fit and more. Try out different cuts to switch up your look and seek out the cut that's most flattering for your body.

3) Keep your scrubs tidy.

Scrubs can start to feel worn sooner than most clothes. Some shifts, there may be multiple spills on your scrubs and with multiple washings, scrubs can start to look dingy. At Pulse Uniform, scrubs are made to be sturdy and color-fast, so they stay looking great longer. In addition to buying quality scrubs that look professional, you can also ensure your scrub stay tidy by keeping extra sets on hand so you can switch them out in case there's a mishap during your shift.

4) Look beyond the scrubs.

Scrubs are only part of your overall look, and they will look better if all the details click. A neat hairstyle, an attractive watch and sturdy, stylish shoes can complement your scrubs and can give you a little leeway to express your personal style.

If you're shopping for great scrubs and want to look your best, check out the selection at Pulse Uniform. We combine style and durability for a professional aesthetic.