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Qualified nurses
05 MAY 2017

9 Amazing Ideas to Make this Nurses Week More Special

Nurses Week- What is it?

Nurses' week, is undoubtedly one of the most celebrated events in the world of medicine. It is celebrated to honor nurses for the exceptional services that they offer making them the backbone of the healthcare sector.

Nurses week- Where did it all begin?

Walking down the memory lane and casting light upon the history of the happy nurses' week, it would be interesting to note that back in 1971, the day of May 12th, was designated by the International Council of Nurses (ICN) as the International Nurses Day. This is the same day when Florence Nightingale's birthday is also celebrated.

Following this, in 1985, Canadian ministry of health also dedicated the second week of May as Nurses week in the country in recognition of the achievements of the nursing profession.

In the field of nursing, Nightingale has since been a legend. Often termed as the 'Lady of Lamp,' Florence Nightingale paid notable contributions during the Crimean War when she nursed millions of soldiers. Not only was this, the women a known activist, an outstanding author, and a social theorist. Her advocacy was to solely improve the health and sanitation conditions of the British Army soldiers. She wrote famous accounts on hospital planning and organization and placed high importance on social determinants if health nowadays. Over two hundred books were published by Nightingale including pamphlets and reports.

National Nurses' week is celebrated around the globe to give nurses that serve us daily, a chance to celebrate the services they render to keep Nightingale's efforts alive via implementing and taking forth the policies by Nightingale that keep people healthy and care for them while they are ill. More so, it would be

Happy Nurses Week- How to make it even more memorable

A happy nurses' week calls for great ideas to make it more special. For this purpose, we have compiled great tips along with special activities and events on how to make nurses week worth remembering as well as show our appreciation for the challenging tasks that the nurses perform.

Massage Therapies at Workplace

Offering massage services is an excellent way to show nurses that the long and strenuous hours that they spend in taking care and serving for the patients is valued. Massage chairs can be set up in an isolated setting in the hospital or clinic and nurses can be invited to avail massage therapies free of cost. These few minutes of massage therapy would do wonders and provide relaxation to the nurses making them feel highly valued. It shall be ensured that massage therapy is availed by nurses irrespective of their shift timings.

A rewarding breakfast

At the start of the nurses' week, nurses can be offered to enjoy a scrumptious platter of breakfast before they get ready to take up the challenges at the workplace. Awards can also be presented during this to the nurses that have exceeded the call of duty. This is to identify that I am hating to give the blood shot because of possible threats of danger and design. Also, I do not want that you treat me

Candlelight walk

A walkathon can be held on the site grounds to celebrate and honor the nurses employed in the United States. Former patients and nursing students can then pay tribute to all the nurses with the help of their personal accounts to show the significant and irreplaceable role nurses have played in their lives.

Encourage nursing students to take part

Make the whole week a research-centric one for the nursing students. In this, groups of nursing students can be formed who can then be delegated to provide an interesting report on a prominent nurse of their choice and detail out how she influenced the nursing profession. Examples of notable nurses include Clara Barton, Jensey Snow and Florence Nightingale. Tribute by nursing students can also be paid to their seniors via writing poems and dedicating to them.

Add Fun Spark to Nurses Week

Holding contests and playful activities during the nurses' week is another great way to perk up the strenuous environment in the hospital for nurses. Winners of these games can be granted gifts and certificates. Interesting ideas for games include a relay race in which nurses calculate a number of tablets, rinse a bed pan and do small cute medicine related gestures.

Promote a positive image

From conducting screenings in underprivileged areas to sponsoring health fair, a lot can be done to bring about a positive image of nurses.

Other events that take place during nurses' week are seminars placing high importance and emphasis on the value of nurses in the community.

Invite a guest speaker preferably a politician

An influential personality like a politician can be invited to render a speech on the crucial part nurses play in the lives of the patients of the entire nation. Not just this, healthcare is quite an issue for all politicians, and thus, during the nurses' week, it would be beneficial to have a politician shadow a nurse for a while during the day. Via this, the politician could show the government's devotion towards healthcare while the nurses will get a chance to express their concerns related to healthcare.

Host a fund-raiser

A fundraiser can be hosted during the nurses' week in which light on the role of nurses in the healthcare system shall be cast upon. All year around nurses provide selfless care daily and thus their efforts should not just be recognized but highly appreciated as well. Proceeds from the event can be given to any charity selected by the nurses.

Gifts for Nurses' Week

Presents are interlinked with bringing happiness and what better way to do this than showering nurses with gifts throughout the nurses' week. Listed below is a compilation of fantastic gift ideas for nurses' week.

Nurses possess pride being part of the healthcare industry and are not afraid to show it. Therefore, sticking one of the creative National Nurses' Week print and posts notes to candy bars and handing them to nurses in their break times would make up for an excellent gift.

More so, nurses dedicate long hours at work caring for the patients, and thus they need their medical tools and equipment handy. Gifting a tote bag having a note of appreciation embossed in the front would be a great way to help them keep their essentials close to them.

Furthermore, you can add some flair to the nurses' stethoscope by gifting a customized Steth-o-Charm having the organization or the name of the nurse. Character pins can also be presented to the nurses. Each character pin could be specified having a different story to tell about the exemplary behavior and attitude of the nurse at the workplace. Read the story out loud when you present these pins, and the nurses would remember it for a lifetime.

Offering food is an excellent way to show that nurses are valued. Provide free lunch as a gift for the nursing staff throughout the nurses' week. In this manner, the nurses would not have to worry about packing lunch and can enjoy a little extra relaxation, that too, for an entire week.

In addition to this, coffee mugs filled with brewing coffee or hot chocolate can be handed over to the nurses to give them an extra boost while they work the long hour shifts.

Recognition level escalates higher when it is sincere. To create a significant impact on the nursing staff members, a personalized Thank You card can be given out during the Nurses Week. The nurses would surely treasure this for years.

Conclusively, it would be correct to say that nurses have several roles and challenges to face each day. They can combat them with their sincere efforts and undeniable strength. Nurses portray devotion to excellence in clinical skills and knowledge to make the field of healthcare, all the more beautiful. Therefore, reasons do fall short when it comes to making the nurses' week memorable and unique.