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9 Essentials of Medical Profession That Every Nurse Must Have

Every profession has its unique dress code and accessories that its performers must possess. Such items not only serve as a tool of distinctive identification but also ensure safety and effectiveness during job performance. When it comes to medical profession, the necessity of the items gets intensified because of its nature and sensitiveness. Therefore, being a nurse, you should never miss out nine mentioned below nursing essentials:


You easily identify a nurse practitioner, doctor or health expert simply by looking at their appearance. A lab coat is vital in laboratories, surgical masks and caps ensure physicians safety, and warm-up jackets deliver cozy feel in cold weather. Your workwear has enormous impact on your functionality. Therefore, choose soft, lightweight yet sturdy and stretch scrub tops and pants, ensuring ease of wear and movement with added comfort. Your medical uniform featuring many organized, spacious patch pockets and utility loops enable you keep your handy accessories and instruments safely in place with quick access to them, adding efficacy in your productivity.

2.Nursing Shoes

Though it may seem less important, your nursing clogs and medical shoes play a great role in your performance. These soothe you long, tough job shifts and ensure comfort in your every step you take on your nursing ward. Therefore choose footwear that features slip-resistant soles reducing instability with an extra layer of support on your walk. Soft, lightweight fabric with moisture-wicking effect keeps your feet soft and dry, while antimicrobial insole amazingly inhibits the growth of bacteria.


A stethoscope is one of the most important tools of your nursing profession. You use this tool to listen to your patients' heart beats and abdominal sounds, diagnose their lung health, and determine their breathing patterns in order to assess their particular health issue. Therefore, keep a stethoscope that delivers phenomenal acoustic performance enabling you achieve accurate patient assessment and diagnostic results. Depending on your profession, you may require choosing from cardiology, pediatric, teaching, nursing, student, or veterinary stethoscope.


Nursing pens and penlights are functional and fun! Keeping a pen with you enables you note job learning, jot down patient concerns, and write drug prescription on a piece of paper. Penlight allows you check and gauge pupil dilation, helping you better sense your patient's condition such as their consciousness and cognition. Moreover, it ensures ease of examination of throat and mouth areas.


You might have a thermometer at your home as well. Because it is a medical item that we often use in our daily life, and frequently utilize in a healthcare setting. The handy, portable item enables you quickly check patient's temperature and diagnose, if any potential health issue, immediately. A digital thermometer is of immense use to gain fast, precise readings easily.

6.Medical Handbook

Medical pocket guides and reference books offer nursing practitioners invaluable information on particular issues their patients experience, helping nurses avoid mistakes and make better decisions during their professional career.

A good nursing guide helps you understand the proper use and potential reactions of medications and drugs, follow the best medical procedures, adopt quality healthcare guidelines, and provide improved patient care through research and practice.

7.Smartphone, Tablet, or PDA

In today's technologically advanced environment, there has been tremendous innovation in medical industry and changes in medical practice, such as treatment of chronic illnesses, and the application of the electronic media for attendance, data filing, and report making. Therefore, you must possess a handy computer in the form for a smartphone, PDA, or tablet to enable you perform smart and better. Moreover, there are various free medical android mobile applications that you can use to improve your performance. You can have instant communication with your patients and guide them through their emergency situation.

8.Bandage Scissors

Most of the nurses during their job timing keep a pair of scissors in their workwear pocket. From this, we can infer its importance. You have been using it to cut bandages and medical tapes for removing old bandages or dressing the wounds. The handy items are made of stainless steel, designed to be rust proof with a polished finish and non-stick surface coating to prevent these from getting stuck while using.

9.Medical Bags

There are mPR-753any other things apart from nursing supplies mentioned above that go into your medical bag which you frequently use at your workplace. Furthermore, the bag enables you effectively meet emergency situations. In the bag, the instruments may include bandage scissors and tape, dissection kit, sphygmomanometer, forceps and measuring tools, penlight, Sprague and stethoscope, pulse oximeter, and much more.

Considering the importance of all above mentioned nine nursing essentials, you should never compromise on their quality and use. Appealing workwear enriches your personality, and quality accessories ensure superior precise diagnostic results and patient treatment. So, get ready for your next shift in a full get-up adding value in your duty!