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All You Need To Know About Fashion Scrubs
21 FEB 2018

All You Need To Know About Fashion Scrubs

Back in the time, scrub tops were considered to be a monotonous uniform for nursing professionals. They came in solid colors and had a boxy fit. However, over the passage of time, nursing uniforms have evolved considerably, where they are now fashionable, urban, trendy, and guarantee a flattering fit. Such exclusive nursing scrubs that have a modern twist are often known as fashion scrubs.

Since scrub tops are extremely easy to wear with little to no maintenance required, many healthcare professionals consider them to be a blessing in disguise during tiresome shifts. Apart from solid scrubs that are popular amongst professionals since decades, the fashion scrubs with tailored cuts, enticing colors, and complementing patterns are also considerably in demand.

Why Fashion Scrubs?

Fashion scrubs offer impeccable usability to the wearer. Below are some of the reasons why fashion scrubs are the right choice.

  • Numerous Colors and Prints
    If you like bright, fluorescent or enticing colors, fashion scrubs give you several options to pick and choose your desired products. Moreover, fashion scrubs are now coming in a variety of prints so you can get exactly what you need.
    From cartoon, abstract, to floral prints and more, there is a wide variety for you to choose your desired scrub top.
  • Spacious Pockets
    Since nursing scrubs are designed for the healthcare sector, they are often loaded with functional features. Amongst these features, spacious pockets are often demanded by professionals who are always on the run. Spacious pockets enable wearers to carry essentials with ease adding to their comfort.
  • Can Be Easily Accessorized
    While scrubs tops are often considered to be boring and mundane, you can easily add character to your appearance by accessorizing your scrubs. Pulse Uniform has an attractive range of accessories that can be paired with fashion scrubs to add vibrancy to your personality.
  • Made for you
    Pulse Uniform gives you the ability to customize your scrubs. From order a Made-to-Order garments to embroidery, you can exactly customize your scrubs as per your needs. With customization, you get the opportunity to select desired pockets, cuts, prints, and design - giving the wearer an option to stylize him/herself.

How to Find the Right Scrub Top?

Have you ever watched Grey’s Anatomy and wanted to splurge your money on the scrub top adorned by your favor character? However, in reality, to look your best at work, you need to buy a scrub that enhances your body shape.
Here’s how you can find the right fashion scrub for yourself:

  • Gender
    For starters, it is important to shop a scrub that is for your gender. A variety of scrubs come for men and women, giving you the choice to select the top that best suits you. Most men scrubs are boxy, while women’s scrubs are flattering and impressive. Moreover, unisex scrubs are also popular that are crafted for both – men and women.
  • Body Shape and Height
    Body shape plays a pivotal role in deciding what fashion scrub would look best on you. Your body could either be pear, hourglass, rectangle, or apple which has different traits and features. Therefore, choosing a scrub top that complements your physique will enhance your overall look.
    While this may sound ridiculous, height is also an important factor in choosing fashion scrubs. The proportions of people with average height are different from tall individuals; therefore knowing where you fall will help you in making the right choice.
  • Comfort
    The reason why healthcare professionals love scrubs is due to the comfort and convenience they offer. As stated earlier, there are different factors that can help deduce the right fit complementing your body type. However, you are also free to experiment and derive your perfect fit since you’re the one who has to wear the clothes time and again.
  • Fabric Choice
    The fabric of your fashion scrub plays an important role in ensuring comfort, breathability and movement. It is important to find a fabric blend that does not cause any skin irritation or itchiness. Generally, Poly Cotton Poplin and Polyester is used for fashion scrubs since it is easy to care, maintain and iron.
  • Improved Performance
    Your scrubs should not hinder your performance, rather they should make it easier for you to bend, move freely, squat, etc. Moreover, they should also be easy to carry and light enhancing your overall performance. The primary reason why professionals invest in scrubs is comfort and usability. If a scrub fails to offer that, the uniform is merely useless.
  • A Fashion Statement
    Solid scrubs are not as trendy as fashion scrubs. Such scrubs come in a variety of colors, patterns, designs and textures enabling you to get your desired look. From enticing your pediatric patients with scrubs featuring minions, bold floral patterns, checkers or stripes, you can exactly pick and choose the design that best suits your personality.

Features of Fashion Scrubs

  • Vibrant color variations and contrast to give a modern and elegant look.
  • Impressive and trendy accents that enhance your personality at work.
  • Multiple colors with little to no fading offering enhanced durability to the wearer.
  • High-quality products that are sturdy, durable, and functional.
  • Looks great and functions even better.

Tips to Look Exceptional in A Fashion Scrub

Choose the Scrub That Suits Your Body Type:

By choosing scrubs that complement your body type, you will get a sleeker and modern silhouette. Wearing scrubs that don’t suit your body type can result in awkward and flawed appearance highlighting your bulges and weak areas. There are different body types including hourglass, pear, apple, rectangle and more.

Choose the Right Size Scrubs:

By wearing scrubs that fit just right, you can give a tapered and sleeker look to your body. Often the wrong fittings result in poor appearance compromising on your professional appeal. You can get the right size by measuring your body dimensions and comparing it with the size chart of the particular brand.

Wear Complimentary Colors:

Complimentary colors best work together. By pairing complimentary colors, you will not only draw attention to yourself, but also look attractive. The complimentary color palette you can pick and choose includes colors like red and green, violet and yellow and blue and orange.

Match Your Tops and Pants

It is important to match your tops and pants when you are choosing scrubs. While mix and match works in most cases, it is advised to choose the scrub pants and tops belonging to the same collection or brand.

Use Minimal Yet Fetching Fashion Accessories

While wearing jewelry or bling accessories is a no for healthcare professionals, you can still wear minimalistic designs such as pendants, and other medical essentials to accessorize your wardrobe.

Wear Your Scrubs with the Right Attitude

Your attitude rightly matters. A wide smile, a charismatic appearance and a neat and tidy look can simply add charm to your overall personality. So chin up, look good and create an aura like never before.

How to Care for Your Fashion Scrubs?

  1. Purchase high quality scrubs for enhanced lifespan of your work wear. By purchasing high quality brands like Cherokee, Dickies, Landau, Barco, and more, you invest in quality scrubs that will last wash after wash.
  2. Separate your scrubs into categories and do not co-mingle those categories in the washer. For instance, do not wash the white scrubs with the colored scrubs. By separating your clothes in categories will help you avoid color bleeding.
  3. Always wash your medical scrubs in cold water
  4. Add a tablespoon of white vinegar to the water before you add any detergent or clothing. Vinegar prevents color bleeding of fabrics and is also an antibacterial resulting in germ free medical uniforms. Wash your scrubs on the delicate cycle
  5. Use a mild liquid detergent. While powdered detergents are equally good, but a liquid detergent acts faster resulting in clean and fresh medical scrubs.
  6. Do not add liquid fabric softener. A fabric softener may sound like a good option, but it reality it reduces the lifespan of the fabric.
  7. If you have time, then it is advised to line dry or flat dry your scrubs for increased lifespan. Your scrubs would not shrink after if they’ve been washed once or twice, so it a smart idea to start with a lower heat setting which you can gradually increase the next time you wash your nursing scrubs.