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4 Medical Tests That You Should Have Year

21 Dec

4 Medical Tests That You Should Have Year

To ensure your health and wellbeing, getting your annual regular check-up is extremely important. If you meet with a healthcare professional on regular intervals, they can detect the disease in its initial stages. If a patient gets accurate health screening and adequate treatment, they are likely to lead a healthier, happier life. Therefore, going to the doctor may not be a part of your present schedule, but getting regular check-ups may result in better health and lifestyle.

If you have reached your 20s or 30s, your healthcare experts can recommend or perform a variety of basic tests to detect problems that can ultimately affect their health. If you wish to take care of your health, below are some of the routine tests you can perform annually to stay in shape. While these are basic tests that anyone can opt for, a healthcare expert may be able to suggest tests based on your health profile.

Routine Blood Tests

To stay healthy, it is important to visit the doctor is very important. Blood tests are the primary tests that help in determining whether your body is functioning well or is suffering from some condition that requires medical assistance. A blood test helps doctors in checking for certain diseases and medical conditions. For instance, basic blood tests can help your doctor assess how your organs such as liver, heart and kidney are functioning and becomes a parameter for your overall health.

Eye Exams

Getting your eyes tested annually is important for a variety of reasons. Well, these exams are important to ensure that you are maintaining good vision and not seeing the world from a blurry perspective. Moreover, an eye examination can help in detecting your underlying health conditions prior to other tests.

Are you aware that you could be suffering from ailments like hypertension, diabetes or stroke by simply getting your routine eye exam? While conducting your eye exam, your eye specialist will be able to gauge the wellness of your blood vessels inside your retina these blood vessels are a potential indicator of bigger health issues. Primarily, the retina is a tissue lining on the back side of the eye which is sensitive to light.

These issues can be detected while conducting simple eye exam. A slit lamp tests, where the technician places your chin on the machine while the doctor shines the light and moves the mirror back and forth to assess your eyes helps in detecting a variety of conditions such as corneal ulcers, macular degeneration and cataracts. Moreover, what a majority of people are not aware of is that this test can also help determine if you are suffering from diabetes.

Another important test to assess the problems beyond your eyes is the visual field test. This is the test where an object is placed directly in front of the patient and your one eye is thus covered. This helps in determining the blind spots, and also helps in determining certain areas of brain damage caused by tumor or stroke.

Regardless of you thinking that you have the perfect vision, an annual eye exam can be one of the most important things you do to keep your overall health in good shape.

Thyroid Test

The thyroid gland in the human body is an important hormone gland that helps control the metabolism, development and growth of the human body. In general, there are two distinct types of thyroid problems that may arise if certain foods are not present in your diet. Iodine is one of the primary nutrients in producing the thyroid hormone. By consuming a balanced diet, you can ensure that your health remains fine and thyroid is functioning properly.

Primarily there are two conditions that a person with thyroid may suffer from. For instance, hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism. People who suffer from the former do not have enough thyroxin in their system to meet their bodily needs. Similarly, hyperthyroidism is all about an overactive thyroid where the body does the opposite and starts producing too much thyroxin.

Skin Exams

Skin exams are extremely important as they help in assessing the severity of the problems that may occur. For instance, cancer is a major cause of concern often detected on the skin. Therefore, doctors recommend getting checked by a dermatologist frequently so that they can detect skin cancers earlier. This is the point where they are rather easy to treat.

By conducting regular self-checkups alongside the ones your doctor conducts are extremely important. If you are doing self-checkup, check all your skin spots such as freckles, or birthmarks. Those who have a high number of freckles or moles are likely to suffer from melanoma. Please note that not all moles or freckles are likely to be cancerous. Therefore, it is very important to get yourself checked. Your doctor will be able to spot the difference between different parts of your skin as a mole may be dangerous, while others could be completely harmless. Moreover, if your sun exposure is a lot, it is advised to get checked annually.


Taking care of your health is extremely important, getting your annual medical tests will keep you safe from disease and enable you to lead a healthy life.