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Back Pain after Giving Birth? 7 Tips to Conquer the Postpartum Backache

A pregnant lady experiences various physical changes in her body that can induce low back pain which may also stay prominent even after giving birth. Pregnancy causes expansion of uterus as it stretches during fetal development. It results in weakening of abdominal muscles, affecting overall body posture that may strain the back resulting in a persistent backache. There could be several other causes triggering back pain after giving birth. Fortunately, such pain can easily be treated with improved lifestyle and daily practice as follows:

1. Do Some Non-Strenuous Workouts

Movements and exercises help women in achieving relief from the pain despite the lack of willingness and motivation to do so during the first few days upon delivery. Walking and jogging are the best exercises for new mothers. These are effective and simple whether the woman had vaginal or Caesarean section birth. Short and slow steps can be performed during the early weeks of post-delivery.

2. Maintain Your Body Weight

may also cause a backache both before and after the delivery. Therefore, working on getting back to your normal pre-pregnancy body weight six weeks after your childbirth is an excellent way to prevent the pain. Jogging in the early morning or evening is the simplest yet smartest way to achieve the goal, burning your calories and extra body fats and receiving back your toned, slim body.

3. Enjoy Swimming

Swimming is another great exercise for new moms. Movement plus water improves the muscle strength without subjecting the joints to extensive force. However, there is a note of caution that says, “Avoid swimming shortly upon giving birth. Prior consultation with a doctor is recommended.”

4. Take Care of Yourself

Avoid stretching your arms to pick up your newborn. Instead, approach the baby as close as you can then gently pick up.

5. Sleep In a Comfortable Posture

Sleeping in an uncomfortable and inappropriate posture may also worsen the pain. Therefore, always lay down in a comfortable position using some pillows for added support.

6. Strengthen Your Core

Working out and exercises train and strengthen abdominal muscles that deliver improved support for the core, preventing acute pressure on the back. Core workout also improves flexibility that aids to alleviate pain.

7. Perform Yoga

Do some yoga posture and other relaxation exercises aimed at healing your back and lower body pain, improving your core muscles and spine. This way you can achieve a light weight and improved flexibility once again.


Back pain is something common with new moms for few weeks upon giving birth to a child. Like many others, you could also be experiencing a postpartum or puerperal backache. If it is the case with you as well, begin with doing some non-strenuous such as walking for first few weeks. Try to get back your normal pre-pregnancy body weight forty-two days after your childbirth. Instead of stretching your arms to pick up your baby, approach and take it. Always sleep in a comfortable posture using some pillows for extra support. Work on your core aimed at improving strength and flexibility. Doing yoga, other relaxation exercises and swim