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Tips to Pick the Best Color Scrubs for You

18 Nov

Tips to Pick the Best Color Scrubs for You

Most hospitals have predefined rules pertaining to the specific colored scrubs their employee's cam wear. At times, this is different for people deployed in different departments this makes it easier for surgeons and nurses to be discriminated and identified. In other cases, it is psychological since certain colors evoke certain emotions in people. Regardless of what the case may be, you shouldn't take your colored scrubs lightly.

Scrubs are basically sanitary clothing that are worn by nurses, surgeons, physicians, and other individuals who carry day to day hospital operations. Back in time, scrubs were primarily worn by people involved in surgical procedures.

When you are choosing colored scrubs, the impact it has on our cognition may not be the first thing to ignite curiosity. However, according to various researchers, the colors we choose to wear has a sound impact on our mindset subconsciously.

In order to understand the phenomenon better, it is pivotal to understand the way different colors function and the impact they have. You might have noticed that most danger/hazard signs are painted using hues of red. The colors we choose is not a personal preference, but rather well planned. For instance, red tends to draw attention, rushes adrenaline and increase excitement. Similarly, green is a symbol of growth, nature and fertility, where most eco-friendly projects have green logos. Moreover, recycling industry is also referred to as the green industry which further symbolizes the connection between colors and human cognition.

Why Are Colors Associated With Scrubs?

The color psychology is primarily the study of hues and its impact on human behavior. The colors we prefer have a sound impact on our perception improving the overall efficacy of placebos. While colors have an influence on people, the impact tends to vary from one person to another. Alongside, the stimulants like sex, culture, and age, there are also other factors that determine how people perceive colors.


Initially, white was the only color nurses, surgeons and physicians wore. It was believed that white was a representation of purity and cleanliness. These scrubs ultimately became obsolete in the medical fraternity as it was eventually realized that white causes various issues.

When it comes to patient, the white scrubs were causing headaches, visual fatigue, eye strain and more. Moreover, the white made it difficult to camouflage or remove blood stains. Even if these scrubs were sanitized using bleach, the stain would not go away. Moreover, the color would also fade away changing to green or brown requiring it to be thrown out.


For majority of patients, red is the worst color for scrubs. This is merely because the color reminds patients of blood, which is one of those things you dread when sick. On the contrary, wearing red scrubs can be a great choice if you are attending or are part of an awareness campaign. By wearing read, you will instill the fear of the disease amongst the people making it easier to make your point.

If you aren't planning to ignite fear, avoid red scrubs to work.


You mustn't have seen healthcare professionals clad in yellow scrubs and honestly there is a reason.

This is because, similar to the impact of red, yellow also has a tendency to increase heart rate when looking at it. The only possible reason for this is that its eye catching and bold.

On the contrary, yellow is linked to happiness and positivity. Therefore, yellow scrubs are a good idea for individuals dealing with pediatric clients and hospital environments to uplift the mood of people.


Blue is one of the most popular choices when it comes to scrubs and there's a reason for that.

The color has a tendency to make people feel calm and relaxed, lowering anxiety. It also makes it easier for people to vest their trust in you. Moreover, the blue helps surgeons in performing their tasks better as it offsets the brightness of blood. Moreover, if the shade of blue is dark, the spillages and contaminants are not quite visible improving your overall look.

All in all, blue is the preferred color for scrubs amongst people.


The impact of purple can be mixed on people depending upon the sort of people they are.

While some consider it to be immature or childish, where people may not take you seriously as a medical professional. On the other hand, purple is a string color that is linked to empowerment and royalty. However, it is still not harsh on the eyes, so there is no harm in wearing the color.

Purple is a fun color which is ideal whilst working with children.


So now the question is, what colored scrubs are the best. If your hospital requires you to wear a specific colored scrub, it then boils down to personal preference. Blue and green scrubs are the preferred choice of medical professionals, while pink and purple may suit only a limited number of people. Therefore, personal taste, cleanliness and comfort of patients are the determining factors when making the decision.