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The Dilemma of Wearing Printed Scrubs

23 Setember

The Dilemma of Wearing Printed Scrubs

The Dilemma of Wearing Printed Scrubs - Pros and Cons

Over the past couple of years, scrubs have become extremely fashionable and trendy. If you are working at a medical facility that is flexible with their uniform policy, you can invest in printed scrub jackets and tops that look extremely alluring.

Today, you will find all kinds of printed scrub designs. From Hello Kitty, geometric shapes, floral patterns to abstract designs - you name it, they have it. However, if you are not comfortable with carrying printed scrubs, you can opt for solid scrubs in vibrant hues to stand out.

The Pros and Cons of Printed Scrubs

In a flexible work environment, the decision to choose between various printed scrub designs lies solely on the individual. However, below are a few reasons why you should choose printed scrubs:

Personal Preference

Those nurses who are fans of different cartoon characters of series may want to flaunt these styles to stand out and express your contentment. These fun styles look really impressive.

Perfect Silhouette

If you have a particular preference for your body shape, you can dress according to that. For instance, you can highlight some areas or downplay others as per your preference.

Spreading Smiles

If you have children as your patients or you are working in the children ward, wearing printed scrubs can spread positivity, good vibes and a fun filled environment.

Protection against Stains

During work hours, nurses come in contact with various contaminants and substances that can cause stains on their uniforms. While it is ideal to change your scrub top immediately after any such accident, it may not always be possible. With a busy printed scrub, spillages are not quite obvious.
While the aforementioned benefits make these printed tops a must have, but in a few circumstances there are certain downsides that you need to take in consideration.


If you are wearing a cartoon character or printed scrub, it doesn't make you any less of a profession. However, some patients may not realize this and doubt your credibility. Particularly, when you are working with patients admitted in critical care units, some professionals may find the scrubs demeaning.

Stain Coverage

As discussed, elaborate scrubs can disguise stain, but it also comes with its fair share of risks. For instance, the nursing staff may not be aware that their uniforms have been contaminated with hazardous substance resulting in pathogens being carried from one patient to another.

Matching Scrubs

If you have scrub tops in different prints or colors, you may have difficulty in pairing with other items such as jackets, pants, shoes, etc. to avoid this issue is to choose printed scrub tops from one color palette.