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Wink Scrubs Women's Maternity Mock Wrap Tops (WI-6445)

Do I Really Need to Buy Maternity Scrubs?

Maternity scrubs for nurses don't get the attention they deserve. When you're pregnant, your body is going to be more stressed than ever. Do what you can to make yourself more comfortable with soft, chic fabrics and designs that fit your pregnant body while having pockets in all the right places. Take advantage of the generous selection of maternity uniforms we carry from the industry's leading brands.

Celebrate Your Pregnancy With Colorful Colors and Designs

If you only shop in the store for scrubs, you may think there are no cool maternity options available. The most common complaint is how boring the shirts and pants are, or that there aren't any maternity options for sale anymore. Major retailers may have stopped keeping them in stock, but at Pulse Uniform, our expectant mothers enjoy many options. Not only do we have the variety you crave, but we have the vibrant colors and lively designs needed to keep your mood upbeat.

Check out Flexibles Maternity Dot's Wonderful Wrap Scrub Top (CH-2746CDW) or Wink Scrubs Women's Maternity Mock Wrap Tops (WI-6445) with color blocking and flexible side panels. We're adding only the very best maternity scrubs to our store, but we do update constantly. Stop by regularly to get the very latest fashions to help show off your growing little one.


Wink Scrubs Women's Maternity Mock Wrap Tops (WI-6445)


Stay Comfortable With Special Scrubs for Expectant Mothers

If you work in a clinic or hospital setting with strict rules regarding uniforms, you may be told that maternity clothing doesn't conform to the dress code. If your supervisor encourages you to trade in one of your scrubs for a size or two bigger, remind them of the risks this poses.

Larger scrub pants must be tied above or underneath your belly. This leaves room for embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions, day-long discomfort and a complete inability to use your pockets. In other words, it hinders your performance. It's also setting you up for injury. As all that extra fabric bunches around your joints and around your legs, you're at an increased risk for trips and falls. It's in the best interest of your employer to allow you to wear clothing that fits. Besides, once you show your supervisor a picture of the maternity scrubs available, you'll likely get permission to make the change.

Scrub shirts and pants for maternity have other benefits, too. Maternity scrub pants have belly bands, for instance, that offer you the support you need to help prevent back aches. Our customers love the WonderWink WonderWork Women's Cargo Maternity Pant (WI-545) with flared, vented bottoms and a specially dyed tummy support panel.

Scrub tops for expecting moms have better placement for pockets and instrument loops. Just look at the roomy double-pockets featured front and center on the Workwear Maternity V-Neck Knit Panel Nurse Scrub Top. From the feel of the fabric to the styles that allow for increased movement, you'll find our selection of scrubs for pregnant moms are more than worth the investment.

Workwear Maternity V-Neck Knit Panel Nurse Scrub Top

Look and Feel Your Best Throughout Your Pregnancy

The best maternity scrubs keep you looking like a professional. Going up a size (or two) often results in a sloppy mess. This reflects poorly on you, and it reinforces negative opinions about pregnant women at work. Not only can your performance suffer, but small mistakes like these impact the perception of the quality of your work. That's a serious issue that will bite you later, so invest a few dollars in quality pregnancy scrubs.

The right maternity scrub top fits well and comes in patient-friendly colors and designs. It's comfortable and has the features needed for common equipment and supplies. The fabric is durable, too, and it has properties that make stain removal easy. Most importantly, the right scrub top is stylish enough for you to look as good as you feel. The same can be said for the right maternity scrub pants.

The amazing thing? We have several models of each available that meet those requirements. Pulse Uniform supports pregnant women at work, at home and on the go with a robust selection of high-quality maternity workwear perfect for healthcare professionals.