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An overwhelming number of American employees are unhappy at work - over 50 percent in fact! Are you one of them? It's time to turn that frown upside down. Instead of settling for frustration or hopping from job to job to try and find workplace happiness, use the following six tips to bloom where you're planted:

  1. Make your health a priority. One of the most essential tips to be happy at work requires some effort when you're off the clock. Roles in healthcare often strain the body and the mind, and unless you go out of your way to work against them, you'll wind up feeling miserable all the time. Put steps into place to allow your body enough sleep to feel rested and exercise to stay strong and limber. Also make sure you're eating healthy, nutrient-packed foods whenever possible. Feeling good is step number one in how to be positive.


Healthy eating

If you work the night shift, this will be tougher than ever. It takes being organized and having boundaries with others in order to get the rest you need. You also may need to prepare your bedroom for daylight sleeping by investing in blackout shades and a white noise machine.

  1. Start every day with a positive mindset. This is a big change for people who've started to dread just going into work, but science proves that getting excited about work has a tremendous impact on your feelings - and your performance - on your entire shift. If you've been feeling negative, you may need a few tricks to turn your mindset around.

Happy man working on laptop

Your morning routine can be a game changer when you take some time to have fun. Select uniforms in stylish cuts in vivid colors and fun patterns you'll actually want to put on. Add a new piece every few weeks to surprise your coworkers. Take a brisk walk around the block, or take a few minutes to meditate.

  1. Find a work buddy. Experts know the importance of a thriving work culture, which is why employee referrals have a leg up in getting hired. Productivity soars when members of a team are enjoying their time together. Reach out and befriend your coworkers. Be open when people attempt to start conversations.

Too often, the negative feelings you have toward work make an impact on your whole persona. If you're brooding or short-tempered, you'll find your relationships on the job suffer. There's not much worse for morale than that.

  1. Go the extra mile. Another secret for how to enjoy work more involves going out of your way for your coworkers on a regular basis. These don't have to be big favors, but they do need to be consistent. Bring a healthy plate of snacks for everyone to share. Offer to finish a task so someone who is suffering from a headache or cold can get home early.

Studies show this practice has big returns. Coworkers who are helped are also more likely to help you in the future. They also report feeling happier on the job and liking their coworkers more. Creating a positive attitude at work will encourage your coworkers to be more upbeat, and you'll all have an easier time being happy.

  1. Honor your contributions. Want to know how to enjoy work more automatically? Instead of dreading the time you have to spend there - counting down each second as if it were an eternity - consider your time in blocks of your impact. “Only 15 minutes until the end of this shift,” feels a lot longer than “15 minutes spent preventing Mrs. S from having an aching back.”

Humans most adept at problem solving have an easy time of pinpointing risks. This helps you avoid them. Unfortunately, healthcare jobs are filled with stressful, negative experiences and you can't always avoid them while doing the job. You're choosing to live in tough situations, so you need to train your brain to see those potentially negative situations as positives. You do that by recognizing your worth and the good you're doing for others.

  1. Acknowledge everyone's accomplishments. Chances are, you ignore your greatness right at the same time you're patting your coworkers on the back. Remember to acknowledge your own accomplishments, and accept people's compliments.

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