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How to Choose Your Most Flattering Color

Before you revamp your wardrobe, take a few moments to answer the question, "What colors look good on me?" While most people can pull off a little bit of everything, there are undoubtedly some colors and shades that look better than others. Maximize your scrub investment by selecting colors, patterns and styles while keeping your personal traits in mind.

Determining Your Undertone

Identifying the colors that work best with each skin tone can seem like a huge task. There are so many beautiful women in the world with amazing coloring, and the options can be a bit overwhelming. Thankfully, there are really only two tones - or rather, undertones - to worry about. Finding out which one you are couldn't be easier.

To figure out your undertone, simply turn your hand palm up and note the colors of the veins in your wrist. Are they blue or purple? If so, you have cool coloring. Are your veins yellow or green in color? If so, you're a warm tone. Armed with this information, you can easily find your color.

Forearm muscle strain. Female hand touching forearm isolated on white background.

There's also a secondary way to determine your undertone. This one is tied to the seasons, but it's pretty easy as well. First, consider your hair color. If it's medium brown or lighter, you would be a spring or summer. If your hair is darker, you'd be an autumn or winter. Now check to see if it has golden or ashy tints to it. Golden tints belong to spring or summer palettes. Ashy tints are a sign of summer and winter elements. While more subjective than the wrist method, determining your season helps you find your color combinations needed for all of your garments to look their best.

Spring palettes are soft, light, muted shades, such as light pink and aquamarine. Summer colors are softer jewel colors, from mint to plumb. Autumn selections get darker and more intense, with dark reds, greens and browns taking center stage. Winter colors are bold - black, purple, hot pink.

Create Your Personal Color Wheel

Now that you've determined which colors are likely to look best on your skin tone, it's easy to find coordinating pieces. A color wheel can help. This is a pie chart where each slice is a corresponding color. Moving different directions on the wheel will help you identify contrasting colors - perfect for accents - along with complimentary colors.

studio photography of a spread color chart isolated on white

Use this information to select from the colorful scrubs at Pulse Uniform. We have scrub tops and pants in all cuts and colors, with a variety of designs mixed in for good measure. Our most popular garments may come in 30 colors or more, making our items perfect for those looking to personalize their workwear style.

For instance, half of the color wheel will be made of warm colors - orange, red, yellow and brown - and the other side of the wheel is made up of cool colors - blue, green and purple. Colors can overlap types and seasons, too. Take, for instance, a green-tinged yellow or a light, bluish red.

Stick to the side of the color wheel your type dictates, and then use one or two methods to find appropriate colors for coordinating articles or accessories. For instance, if you follow a light blue from one side of a color wheel to the other, you'll find orange. Use this for matching hair accessories, shoes, stockings and scarves to your outfit. Alternatively, you can look at the colors on either side of the blue you like. These colors will coordinate with your main shade of blue without creating a contrast.

Finding the Best Colors for Your Skin Tone

If your favorite colors fall outside of your palette, don't worry. It's not essential to stick to the color wheel, chart or season to look good. In fact, sometimes the best thing you can do to improve your style is to shake things up. Knowing how to find your color wheel doesn't mean you have to put it to use all the time.


This is simply a guideline to help you begin building a new work wardrobe if you need one, and what better place to start than Pulse Uniform? We have all of the scrubs and healthcare accessories there is to offer, with a wide selection of garments made by today's leading brands. Stop by and take a look at your signature colors, or talk with our sales team to get your order started.