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How to Pair Your Scrubs with the Right Shoes

Our customers take time to look their best, and we're happy to help by offering such a wide range of scrubs for men and women of all sizes. Unfortunately, too many healthcare workers aren't sure how to pick out a proper set of comfortable nursing shoes. They may pair shoes with scrubs based on looks or price, instead of more important features.

While we have several attractive options, you'll note that our selections also have the features you need to stay protected throughout your shift. Shoes for nurses absolutely must keep your body safe. Make sure you pay attention to the following factors before selecting from among even the best nurse shoes on the market:

Size — You want shoes that feel comfortable, and that means making sure they fit correctly. Not only do they have to slip on easily at the start of your shift, they should slip off easily at the end of it, too. To help you get the right fit, measure each of your feet right after you get off work. If one foot is larger than the other, stick with the larger size, and return anything that feels too tight. You shouldn't have to spend time breaking them in if the fit is right.


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Arch support — The arch of your foot needs support throughout the day, especially when you're standing up for 12 hours or more at a time. Comfortable nursing shoes have appropriate arch support for your foot. Often, product listings will give detailed information on arch support, but customer reviews can also be a great source of information, too. At Pulse Uniform, we staff a knowledgeable customer service team dedicated to answering all of your questions. Make sure you get in touch if you have specific arch-related needs. If you have a very high arch, a pair of orthopedic inserts may help.

Non-slip features — The majority of shoes for nurses are made with non-slip soles, but some perform better than others. While athletic shoes are comfortable and offer you quality protection, unless they're made for nursing, the shoes may not give you the specific non-slip features you need to stay on your feet. Remember that healthcare workers often hustle on the job, having to run across slick floors covered in spills or navigate around obstacles quickly to provide care when and where it's needed. Be sure to look for soles capable of keeping up the pace.

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