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4 Life Lessions You Learn from Nursing

31 Mar

4 Life Lessions You Learn from Nursing

As a nurse, you will learn a variety of life lessons that change your perspective on life. You will experience death up close, making you open to the stark realities of life. You will encounter things that will make you appreciate the smallest joys of life and the privilege of being healthy and close to your loved ones.

Below are a few examples of some life lessons that you will learn as a nurse during your professional tenure.

Important Matters

To start off, think about the things that matter to you in life. The first few things that you may jot down include your family, health, your character and your career. While material things intrigue, but the question arises whether they are beneficial in the long run. The thing that actually matters is that we have good clothes to wear, a roof on our head and three meals to devour. In tough times, your determination will keep you going while your family will keep you motivated.

During your nursing tenure, you are likely to witness serious ailments including cancer while some will be restricted to wheelchairs or life support. You will witness children who are homeless, malnourished, abused and impoverished. Considering all these things, you will feel compassionate for the people around them and serve them selflessly. Your patients will value your kindness and you will get the satisfaction of making a difference in the life of others.


When your loved ones and children are not well, you as a nurse are likely to be at their disposal, taking care of them. There will be days when you will feel like giving up, or collapsing from exhaustion. This doesn't mean that you should give up. When you see people your love in pain or unwell, you will naturally be inclined towards their comfort and safety.

When your children or other loved ones are not feeling well, it is most likely you who takes care of them. There will be times when you feel like collapsing from exhaustion, but that doesn't mean you should give in. When you see someone that you love in pain or not feeling well, it will be your instinct to want to provide them with comfort and safety. As a nurse, you will endure as you care. While you may be exhausted but your inner dedication and strength will keep you motivated. Your compassion and love for helping the suffering mankind will give you the strength and the knowledge that your patients need you. As a nurse, you will be there for everyone thought the toughest of time making you special.

Ongoing Learning Process

If you can take the time to sit back and reflect, you will certainly realize that there is a lot that you can adapt in terms of knowledge. Everyone you encounter on day to day basis will have something to teach you. To work in cohesion, you require a team. Therefore, you will be surprised at what you can achieve when you and your co-workers work in sync.

The people you meet during your tenure as a nurse will have stories to share. Remember, you have to be a good listener. Most people want others to hear their opinions thus, the next time you see that someone wants to speak, regardless of how old they are, how sick they are or what their background is, sit back and lend them their attention. This way, you will learn more than you can imagine.

When you work as a nurse, you will do more than you can imagine during a single shift. You can adapt the life lessons you learn during your nursing tenure and apply them to your life.

Do Not Take Your Body For Granted

When you work in a hospital, you come in contact with things that you never have imagined. For instance, you will come in contact will children who are addicts. Women in their thirties who have experienced trauma or young men who are suffering from chronic ailments.

Since inception, we are taught that our bodies are our temple. As we enter our teenage, we tend to push our bodies to their max potential. When working in the medical field, nurses realize that that they are not invisible. We come to this conclusion that the way we nurture our bodies directly affects our overall wellbeing.

As a nurse, you are likely to take care of your overall wellbeing and ensure that the people around you also care for themselves.