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National Relaxation Day 2016 - Live Your Life..!

Sit on your comfortable couch, breath and relax! Yes, today is National Relaxation Day that is all about to remind you regarding the importance of relaxation in your life. With the growing number of patients and increasing demands from your hospital administration, you may be required to stay long hours in workplace premises and attend extra shifts. This not only disturbs your studies for further career building and difficulty in managing your household activities to live a better family life but also significantly affects your physical, emotional and psychological health. However, the list of such stress triggers is endless, especially for medical students. A study conducted in 2008 by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America reported that 80 percent of university students reported frequent stress. Moreover, too much workload leaves the employees drained and unproductive that results in ineffective treatments and hospital's declining prestige.

young doctor in a stressful situation has a headache

Hence it is critical to highlight the necessity of tackling stress. That is the reason why well-established and growing organizations take great care of their employees for better organizational performance. Similarly, many prestigious universities offer multiple resources to help attendees manage their stress levels in a healthy and smart manner, for example, by providing individual therapy, counseling sessions, support groups, and mental exercises. It is essential to manage our stress regularly to prevent its consequences on our office duty, studies, and life ultimately. Though stress management varies from person to person, mentioned below are few tips that may help you be more productive and stay relaxed simultaneously:
1. Take Care of Yourself: Always have a full sleep and balanced diet. Lack of sleep and skipping meals often results in a headache, physical weakness and lack of energy. Have a brisk walk in your workplace corridor and take breaks during your shift to keep yourself active and energetic. Doing regular physical exercise such as yoga can help you relieve tension from your muscles, improve overall bodily strength and add value to your day.
2. Breathing Exercise: Practicing deep breathing exercises daily in the morning and during your duty breaks will not only keep you relaxed but also normalize blood pressure, fight against various ailments and illnesses, and improve your cognitive abilities such as memory as well.

Young attractive girls do yoga

3. Manage Your Time: Always keep a journal with yourself and note down daily essentials on it. Prioritize your tasks and execute those accordingly. This will not only help you track your performance but also make you efficient in all corners of your life.
4. Wear Comfy Clothes: Too much tight or significantly loose dress can be a great cause of irritation during your duty. It is suggested, therefore, to choose scrub pants, top and coat with relaxed fit offering you maximum ease of movement for improved functionality and joyous working.
5. Do What You Love: Doing the things are you are passionate about can easily evoke positive feelings in your mind. So listen to your favorite music, watch an entertaining movie that makes you relished, read a book that you like the most, or play a sport with your friends or colleagues!