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Nursing Skills | Community Education Pulse Uniform

Video Transcript:

Nurses may differ in their specialities, but not with skills. There are some skills that are common in all nurses. Some are gained and developed through work or life. While others are skills in which a person is naturally good at.

Here are the four nursing skills every nurse must have

  • 1. Every nurse needs to be excellent in communication.
    Excellent communication simply means you are an effective
    listener. You are able to understand patient's needs. And
    you can easily get the message across.
  • 2. Every nurse needs to be intuitive. You know
    how to pay attention to details. You have a sixth sense
    about patients or can pick up on clues and little signs
    from the patients. You also have the combined instinct,
    knowledge, and experiences
  • 3. Every nurse needs to be calm all the time.
    You know how to easily adapt to changes, you know how to
    keep cool regardless of the situation, and you are flexible
    about working hours and responsibilities.
  • 4. Every nurse needs to be competent. You know
    how to respond quickly to emergencies. You have good interpersonal
    and organizational skills. And most importantly, you have
    that positive attitude.