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professional skills of nurse

29 June

6 Skills you need to Excel Professionally as a Nurse

Nursing is one of the most respected and dignified professions in the world. The way they care and our committed to the wellbeing of humanity is second to none where their hard work is recognized and appreciated. While the job is physically and emotionally tiring, and the pressure is always higher than usual, the rewards are rather plentiful. When you look at a patient you've essentially cared for recover and walk on his/her feet healthy, the feeling is irreplaceable. It is a beautiful feeling to know that you've helped someone lead a healthy life.

If you have plans to make nursing as your chosen career, here are some tips for you to follow religiously. You will be required to foster a set of skills relevant to the hospital to help your patients. In numerous cases, these skills become an important part of your overall personality. In others, you will be required to develop them and learn new skills throughout the journey. Below are some of the few skills you really need to master:

1. Compassion

One of the most important role of a nurse is to ensure that the patients feel relaxed and comfortable. It is a difficult environment for patients, and it is our responsibility to make them feel safe. Therefore, it is essential to be empathetic, connect with patients and understand their feeling. You will also be responsible to offer guidance and advice to families dealing with excruciatingly difficult situations and make some very important decisions. As a nurse, you will be expected to handle these complex situations with precision and ensure that your tone is compassionate, mature and polite. If you understand the pain and suffering of others, you will be successful.

2. Effective Communication Skills

Nurses have this big responsibility on their shoulders to relay integral information between patient and doctors. They are also required to take vitals and carry out procedures. In order to do this, you will be required to develop an effective way to communicate with your patients. The terminologies used in hospitals are confusing for new patients in particular. Being a nurse, you will be required to communicate the concern and procedures effectively to your patients. You will also be required to have the ability to communicate the prognosis to medical technicians and doctors.

3. Ability To Think On Your Toes

Hospitals are high pressure and high stress settings. Life threatening situations and emergencies comes without any prior intimidation. In order to grow as a nurse, you will be required to react quickly and act responsibly with clarity. You shouldn't let your nerves and fear to cloud your judgment in order to respond on time. Once you take your MSN nursing course, you will learn the ability of crisis management. However, with real life practice, and experience, you'd be able to master the skills.

4. Be Confident

In these difficult times, you will be expected to make some quick and important decisions. You should know how to respond to these problems immediately. You should know when you need to page a doctor and apply the relevant procedures. It is imminent for you to stick by your judgment and the decisions to make. You do not have the option to second guess your decision in a hospital environment. You need to have the confidence in your ability in order to make the right decision. You will also be required to have the confidence to take certain tests or perform certain procedures on your own. Your confidence will determine how safe your patients feel around you.

5. Physical Endurance

Stamina and strength is a skill that you may have not taken into consideration when considering nursing as a career. However, spend one day in a clinical setting or a ward and you will exactly know what it means. When you take nursing, you commit to dedicating your day and night on your feet. You will often find yourself catching on sleep and patients whenever you can. The shifts tend to vary, and all-nighters are also very common. You will need stamina, and strength to match the demands of nursing in a hospital setting.

6. Emotional Resilience

To work in a hospital setting is extremely tough. Nobody feels good to hear and see pain and suffering. It tends to take a toll on one's mental stability making them prone to sadness and sorrow. As a nurse, you will be responsible to care for people for longer durations where you are likely to be attached to them. You need to be emotionally resilient to distance yourself from the misery and remain objective with your decision making. When you observe miracles taking place right before your eyes and you nurse people back to life, the feelings and joy is rather irreplaceable.