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23 November

Qualities & Characteristics of A Good Nurse

Nursing is considered to be the largest healthcare profession within the United States, and this trajectory of growing need and interest of registered nurses (RNs) is not likely to slow down. There is increase in demand in terms of influence, leadership demand, and projected job growth. It is believed that only a handful of careers are as rewarding as nursing. The reason why it is so lucrative is that offers ample respect professionally, the job opportunities are rather flexible, chances of growth and above all, you get the chance to make a difference in the life of others.

It is essential for students to understand that similar to any other field, the healthcare sector has its fair share of challenges. While the nature of the work is such that it is very gratifying, but it can also be demanding at the same time. In order to be happy and successful as a nurse, it is important to have certain attributes and characteristics. Below are some qualities that are integral in a good nurse.

1. Care and Compassion

While this may seem like stating the obvious, but most people are of this assumption that nurses enter into this field because they are generally caring by nature. However, this should not be taken as a nursing characteristic. Most nurses that choose the field of nursing do so for the job security it offers. Moreover, they are interested in making it as a starting point to enter another career. Similarly, some do not have adequate alternatives or options.

As a nurse, if you are caring, it can make all the difference. Those nurses who show a natural tendency to care for other and know how their patients are feeling tend to perform better on job. They also are the ones who have a profound impact and are generally more successful as a nurse.

2. Empathy

Empathy is primarily the ability to feel the pain of another person and understanding their point of view. As a nurse, this means that you will have to our yourself in the shoes of others and try to understand what they may be perceiving or happening around them.

A nurse needs to understand that when a patient rings them for assistance, he/she is watching them helplessly from the hospital bed. As a nurse, you will repeatedly walk by the doors and he/she will not observe how you are trying to assist everyone at the same time. They will only be able to see that you are neglecting their needs. However, if you only stop for a moment to assure them that you will be coming to their help shortly, you will not only gain their trust but also change the entire healthcare experience. As a nurse, you will work with vulnerable people from a diverse background. If you want to be able to predict the needs of your patients accurately and also understand their emotional response to care, you will require a strong sense of empathy.

3. Communication Skills

One of the critical characteristics of a nurse are strong communication skills. The role of a nurse is to communicate effectively with not just other nurses, but with physicians, patients, their loved ones and also disciplines across the various other units in the hospital.

If a nurse does not have the ability to convey or interact effectively, medical errs are likely to take place. This way, patients are also likely to feel misinformed or neglected where the entire unit will embrace the impact. If you will prioritize and practice good communication skills, you are likely to offer better care and also benefit your unit and hospital alongside the patient. Moreover, it will contribute to your growth in the long run.


While these are some of the basic good traits of a nurse, the list itself can be extremely long and intimidating. Those who decide to take nursing as a future now, need to be thoughtful and extremely committed to their career in healthcare.

The first essential step is introspection, while if you have some innate good traits like compassion, honesty, punctuality, etc. that can help you succeed not only as a nurse but also domestically.