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Reasons Why You Need Great Quality Nursing Shoes

31 May

Reasons Why You Need Great Quality Nursing Shoes

Nursing is a demanding profession that requires hard work and a lot of your time. The entire day at work can become further daunting and tiring, if you are not wearing shoes that are comfortable. It is imminent for nurses to wear supportive and comfortable shoes as they spend a substantial amount of time working on their feet and walking around the hospital.

At times nurses complain of back and foot pain as they are not wearing the right shoes. It is advisable for nurses to improve their foot comfort and alleviate stress by improving their overall fitness levels and also investing in optimal foot accessories that are designed in such a manner that ensures comfort through long and tiring shifts.

For instance, nurses need to invest in compression socks that keep the blood flow regulated, as well as quality insoles. Moreover, they need to take breaks and sit down regularly so that some pressure is released from the joints, feet and back. It is also advisable to exercise regularly to help sustain and build muscle mass. Also, it is wise to consult a foot specialist in order to get his/her feet checked to prevent injuries if you have some medical related issues.

If you are contemplating what exactly you need for happy feet, continue reading further. Below are some factors that you need to consider while selecting nursing shoes. Today, with online shopping becoming incredibly convenient, you can easily order your nursing shoes online and have them delivered at your doorstep. This way, no need to rush and haste to the brick and mortar store.

Some features of the best nursing shoes


It is extremely important for a nurse to have a productive day. Thereby, there is no excuse for them to get tired easily. Wearing the wrong pair of shoes can be extremely daunting.

As a nurse, you are likely to spend a great chunk of your time at work on your feet. At times, your feet may start to feel tired or in pain due to the constant walking or being on your feet. Wearing the wrong shoes can affect your overall performance and productivity making you uneasy. By investing in a good pair of nursing shoes or clogs, your overall comfort will improve. You are likely to feel and perform better.

When you place an order for your nursing shoes, give precedence to comfort over style and opt for the correct sizing. Moreover, the soles should neither be too hard or too soft. While ultra-soft insoles will be comfortable when you start your day, but it will not remain the same once the day progresses.


Since nurses are generally working long shift, it is very important for them to get adequate heel and back support. A good quality shoe is one that is not just comfortable, but rather safe to wear, offers great stability and enables you to work with ease throughout the day, particularly when lifting.

When shopping for nursing shoes, look for traits like material thickness, strength, flexibility along with a heel for support. This way, you will feel at ease to move around, lift heavy objects and reduce the chance of accidents and injuries.


A good nursing shoes is one that offers great supports, stability and comfort. It will also help in reducing the pain in your feet, back and legs. The design, material, shape and height thus play an important role when choosing nursing shoes.

Ideally the best nursing shoes are crafted using leather or rubber. The latter is a popular material for making shoes due to its tendency of being lightweight and comfortable. It is advised to not opt for those nursing shoes that are hard to clean or are heavy.

Slip resistance

This is an important factor that you need to take into consideration while choosing nursing shoes. If you work in a hospital setting, you are likely to encounter liquids and spills that make the floor slippery. Such settings can be extremely hazardous if you fall. It is important that the nursing shoes you wear offer a great grip so that you remain safe and also prevent the chances of injuries caused by falls. Moreover, the sole of your shoes needs to be flexible and comfortable to walk in. if the shoes are too soft or thin, the likelihood of encountering accident increases tenfold.