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Serious Case of Obesity in America | Community Education Pulse Uniform

What's the Difference between being Obese and being Overweight?

  • Obesity refers to an excess amount of body fats while
    being overweight refers to an excess amount of body weight
    that may come from muscles, bones, fats and water. These
    two weight problems are not contagious disease, but they
    are becoming prevalent in the US

Why is obesity a serious case in America?

  • Figures can tell why. In 2009-2010, 35.7% of US total
    adults population (aged 20 and older) is obese. From 2007
    to 2010, there is no change in the prevalence of obesity
    among adults or children in the US for both men and women.
  • A study shows that more than 1/3 of total number of
    adults and nearly 17% of youth are obese. Elderly aged 60
    and over are more probable to be an obese than younger adults
    and even children as young as 2 years old can be a sufferer
    of the above said issue.

Three main reasons why obesity must not be ignored:

  • Health factors. Obesity and overweight is not a virus
    but this condition may lead to various heart diseases, hypertension,
    stroke, type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea, gallbladder disease,
    osteoarthritis, and certain types of cancer. These ailments
    are treatable although can also be a cause of death.
  • Social factors. Obese people are more likely to be a
    victim of bullying and discrimination especially with children
    and young adults that are members of the large group of
    the same age bracket, such as schools. With this, their
    psychosocial well-being is highly affected.
  • Economical factors. US government has been funding programs
    to mitigate childhood obesity, because of the increasing
    obesity rate. In 2006, the government spent $147 Billion
    for direct and indirect cost of preventing obesity. For
    more than 5 years of funding, the percentage of prevalence
    and obesity rate has not been not roughly dropped. Obese
    patients spend an average of $1,429 for their medical care
    compared to people with normal weight.

What are causes and treatments for obesity?

  • Genes, eating habits, way of living, place, attitudes,
    and income are some of the causes of obesity and being overweight.
    Treatments may include a mix of behavioral treatment, diet,
    exercise and some drugs for weight-loss. One more option
    is weight-loss surgery for cases of extreme obesity.
  • Self-discipline and being conscious to health and wellness
    are two great factors you can do to prevent obesity.