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How to Show Support for Nurses & Healthcare Workers

23 September

How to Show Support for Nurses & Healthcare Workers

Nurses are the pinnacle of any healthcare system. They are the ones who have extremely stressful jobs and are often not given the credit they deserve. With COVID-19, changing the way the world sees healthcare, it is imminent to support them and understand their needs.

If you are one of those who relate to the efforts a nurse has to put in for the safety and health of us and our loved ones, there are some ways through which you can show your support.

Surprise Them with a Thoughtful Present

If you know a nurse, you must be aware of the fact that they don't generally expected to be rewarded for the job they do. However, a thoughtful preset is often appreciated. You could buy a high quality scrub top or scrub set that they can use on their job as a toke of your appreciation to the doctor or nurse. Similarly, you could ask them if they want a pair of new nursing clogs, stethoscope, etc. All these presents are extremely practical and yet thoughtful at the same time. Moreover, they will also be appreciated by the people working in healthcare.

On the other hand, you could also take a completely different approach and offer them a gift card to an entertainment venue, local restaurant or simply any online scrub marketplace so that they can choose what they want at their convenience. Similarly, a spa day or an appointment with a great masseuse can help beat the stress away.

Make a Charitable Donation

Despite more and more healthcare professionals are now vaccinated against the COVID-19, but the entire industry at large will have to deal with the effect of the virus for a relatively longer span of time. Today, hospitals are now very well equipped with personal protective equipment than in comparison to the past. However, if you wish to make an impact, donating essential medical supplies to the healthcare industry is a great way to show your support for the community.

There are variety of options that you can choose when donating to the healthcare sector. For instance, you could give N95 masks to any local hospital, supply antimicrobial laundry detergent for staff safety, or make a financial donation to your choice of healthcare organization. Similarly, you could sponsor a lunch for the employees and give them a feeling of happiness and satisfaction. If you still not sure what you should donate, you can directly contact a healthcare facility and ask them their present needs.

Learn To Appreciate and Say "Thank You"

If you struggling with ways to show your gratitude, you need to understand that it does not need to come with a price tag or be extremely complicated. For instance, if you really appreciate the effort they are putting in, a simple "thank you" can make all the difference. When you appreciate someone or just smile to them, you may not know but it could mean the world to someone who is going through a tough shifts. It is correct, positivity does have a ripple effect.

Ask a nurse and they will tell you that nursing is an extremely thankless job and stressful. Therefore, the feeling of being unappreciated can be more difficult. Anytime you meet or interact with a healthcare worker, smile at them and say thank you. Unknowingly, you might just brighten one's day.

Offer Them Help

If you know any nurse or healthcare professional, offer them help with their domestic chores. For instance, you could help them with childcare at work, make them a nutritious meal, mow their lawn or clean their house. Even picking their groceries up from the mart or running basic errands can make things easier for them.

You may not realize but healthcare professionals are generally exhausted. By offering them help at home, you make it easier for them to not worry about one thing at least. When it comes to helping them out, no gesture is small.


Healthcare professionals are the superheroes during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it is important to understand that they are humans by day end. They face so many challenges like you do, and they also deal with the stress of their extremely demanding job.

We need to recognize the effort nurses and paramedic staff are putting in healthcare, particularly those who are working on the frontline. They face numerous hardships that we can't even fathom. Take out time to let them know that they are appreciated and let it slide if you feel that they are down or not as cheerful. Over the past year, they have shown utmost resilience but let's not forget that they are humans.