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These 5 Healthy Exercises Will Help You Avoid Stroke

Your health revolves around your heart that powers your entire body. Therefore, it is your primary responsibility to keep your heart healthy and happy. However, there is a significant number of patients dying due to heart stroke. According to a study, stroke is the 5th leading cause of death in the United States and a major cause of disability. Though stroke is more treatable today than ever, time is critical now. World Stroke Day is observed on 29 October to highlight the gravity and high rates of stroke, widely raise awareness regarding the prevention and cure of the condition, and ensure improved treatment and support for survivors. Physical exercises are an excellent way to keep your heart active and in good condition.

Mentioned below are some of the practices that you can incorporate into your life and effectively minimize risks of a stroke:

1. Get Your Blood Pumping With Circuit Training

Movement of any kind is better than being idle when it comes to improving your heart health. Circuit training is one of the best types of exercises to improve your cardiovascular fitness. Doing workout at a very high intensity boosts the blood flow, and stretches and enhances the elasticity of the arterial wall for better cardiovascular fitness. Adopting minimal rest periods, and alternating between lower and upper body exercises is the perfect way to get the most effective results.

2. Choose a Overall Body, Nonimpact Sports

When body muscles get involved in an activity, it becomes easier of your heart with improved strength to fuel them all. Sports such as swimming, rowing, walking with poles and cross-country skiing are ideal for your healthy heart.

3.Hit The Mat With Core Workouts

Your core supports your entire body while doing exercises, walking upstairs, performing workplace activities or just sitting in your office chair. Therefore, incorporate some core workout exercises into your daily workout to improve core muscles and flexibility thereby upgrading your body balance and heart health.

4. Try Out A Relaxing Yoga Routine

The tranquility you achieve via Yoga lowers blood pressure, making blood vessels more elastic, improving overall blood flow in your entire body and promoting heart health. Furthermore, it strengthens your core.

5.Be Active All Day

Studies have shown that people who are active in some ways all the day long (cleaning, jogging, gardening) burn more calories and maintain healthy life balance than those who exercise for 30 to 50 minutes and then sit at their work desk. You can wear a pedometer to measure how active you have been outside of your training time in a day or better yet cycle your way to work!

Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is the major life-threatening cause of death. Consequently, it is important to look after it. Improve your arterial strength and flexibility with circuit training, activate your body with sports, support your body and heart with core workouts, lower blood pressure with Yoga, and stay all day active to upgrade your heart's life. If you don't, you are apparently putting yourself at the risk of CVD that includes heart disease and stroke. Let's join our hands on October 29, 2016, to observe World Stroke Day. Sources: //www.prevention.com/health/health-concerns/heart-healthy-exercises http://www.besthealthmag.ca/best-you/heart-health/the-6-best-exercises-for-heart-health/3/ http://www.strokeassociation.org/STROKEORG/General/World-Stroke-Day_UCM_444999_SubHomePage.jsp