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5 Things Nurses Should Consider When Choosing Scrubs

28 June

5 Things Nurses Should Consider When Choosing Scrubs

Medical scrubs are a popular nursing apparel worn by physician, surgeons and nurses that are working within the hospital setting. Initially, these scrubs were designed for surgeon's people working within operation theatres. Today, wearing scrubs is an epitome of honor for nursing professionals similar to carrying a stethoscope or lab coat.

If you intend to buy a scrub set, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before making a purchase.

1. Expensive Scrubs Vs. Cheap Scrubs :

Choose and purchase high quality scrubs that last wash after wash. However, at times scrubs purchased on cheap pricing serve the need as well. It's all about availing the right deals and promotions for bigger and better savings. Make sure to be smart with the choices you make as it may cause you financial damage. By getting a reasonably priced scrub from a reputable platform you can eventually make bigger savings and get greater value from your purchase. It needs to be noted that expensive doesn't mean good and cheap doesn't mean bad. Just make sure that you do your due diligence.

2. Basic Scrubs vs. Trendy Scrubs

This is basically a personal call whether you want basic scrubs or trendy ones. If you can compromise on the style factor then basic scrubs guarantee comfort all day long. As a nurse, I understand that medical professionals have to undergo rigorous work hours. An uncomfortable medical scrub can further agonize your misery. Therefore, be at ease even it means to compromise on the overall look and feel of your professional attire.

3. Plain vs. Colored

Generally, plain white nursing apparel is a representation of the medical communities. However, hospitals and medical settings have now become comfortable with the idea of colored scrubs as well. Therefore, now it boils down to personal preference and hospital policies. In case there are no restriction, going for a solid scrub can prevent stains.

4. Long Scrubs and Short Scrubs

Short scrubs are ideal for individuals with a petite built. Similarly, long scrubs look good on plus size individuals who desire to cover their hips. As a thumb rule, long scrubs look great on tall people, while short scrubs look on short individuals.

5. .Fit vs. Loose

The fitting of a scrub depends on personal preference. While some of the scrubs look good in a loose fitting, others may not look that impressive. Most of the scrubs we see every day are loose in fitting. Make sure you but a scrub that compliments your body type. Most nurses do not know their exact body measurements, so getting a made to order scrub can serve the need.

As a nurse, choosing the right scrub can make all the difference. Being comfortable at work is all that matters. So make sure to look your best and get impeccable comfort during the toughest of shifts.