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Complete Guide to Care for Travel Nurse Scrubs

13 December

Complete Guide to Care for Travel Nurse Scrubs

For travel nurses, scrubs are an integral part of their job routine. They serve as a uniform that distinguishes them from the masses and also serves as a protective barrier that inhibits the prohibition of bacteria. By keeping your scrubs clean and in immaculate condition, you and your patients can reap the benefits. However, the regular disinfecting process may result in wear and tear damaging your pieces.

Here's how a travel nurse can extend the life of their scrubs:

Opt For A Pretreatment:

When you invest in a fresh pair, make it a ritual to opt for a pretreatment. The pretreatment is primarily a bath of vinegar and water. Was your scrubs in a mixture of half cup vinegar and one cup cold water. This will act as a natural disinfectant and set the color well.

Deal With Stains Immediately

Nothing looks worse than stains on your scrubs. If you encounter a stain, make use of a stain pen that removes stains. You can also soak your scrubs in a stain removal solution.

Don't Misuse Your Scrubs

Don't wear your scrubs anywhere else than your workplace. It is ideal to wear your scrubs once you enter your workplace and change back when you leave for your shift. Don't use your scrubs for lounging as limited use will increase their lifespan.

Make White Scrubs Your Preferred Choice

Opt for white scrubs whenever possible. Patterned or colored scrubs tend to fade faster than white scrubs. Moreover, you can easily disinfect white scrubs using bleaches.

Give Utmost Precedence To Care Instructions

Follow the instructions on the label when you wash your scrubs. If you deviate from these instructions, there is a high probability that the scrubs will shrink, wear out or lose shape.

By washing your scrubs inside out, you can prevent your colored or pattered scrubs from fading. Also, try to wash your scrubs separately from regular apparel as they carry hazardous contaminants.

Iron Your Scrubs Regularly

Make sure to press your scrubs after each wash. This will give an overall fresher and professional look to your personality. Moreover, the extra heat can help in killing the germs.

Replace Your Scrubs on Timely Intervals

If you feel that your scrubs are losing their charm, it is time for you to replace them. Considering that scrubs are priced reasonably, you can always change them time and again. A good way to spot that you now need to change your scrubs is staining, threadbare or visible signs of wear and tear. Don't compromise on your scrubs as it denotes your professionalism.