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Valentine's Day? No I'm working!

Nursing is a demanding and stressful job and at times it can rule over your personal life. You are always on your feet running around trying to get things done. You have patients to take care of, charts to fill, medicines to administer, bandages to change and the list just goes on. Nobody can do what you really do and that is to form a bond with your patients. You listen to their stories and even occasionally take the crap of earful when tempers are high but most of all you take care of them like no one else does.

We all genuinely appreciate what you do for us. We extend our most heartfelt gratitude to the brave people of this profession. So on this upcoming Valentine's Day we just want to say - Thank you! Thank you for sticking by us when we were the most annoying patients ever or for troubling you for the silliest of the things. Thank you for being there when we needed somebody to hear us and to tell us that thing will be okay one day. Thank you for saving us from depressing thoughts and raising our spirits.

Since Valentine's Day is around the corner and you can already see the red flowers and balloon hearts in displays on your way to work. We know you'd want to cuddle in and share a chocolate cake with your partner or put your best dress on and have a fancy meal but what if you have a nursing shift to attend?  Here comes the dread of how to balance it all, how to make it work. The nagging guilt of if I am doing right by my partner or my profession - Don't worry we have got you covered! We want you to have a very special V-day and here are some ideas to make it all happen:

  1. Write a love note
    Never underestimate the power of a written word. Compose a beautiful message or write something silly. Just let your loved one know that you are always in their thoughts. Stick it on the fridge or hide it in their lunchbox! They will be pleasantly surprised.
  1. Send Flowers
    Ah! The smell of freshly cut roses! And what would the most passionate, heartfelt day of the year be without Valentine's Day flowers! Get a gorgeous bunch for your valentine. Get it delivered to their   work place with a scrumptious box of chocolates or place it on your kitchen counter. The smell of     roses will remind them of you!
  1. Make a customized playlist:

    You could record a message followed by his or her favorite songs compiled in a playlist. Burn it on to a cd or transfer it on a flash drive and simply put a 'PlayMe' sticker on them. Place it in the car or in their gym bag where you feel it will mostly likely be noticed

  1. Buy something that you will be doing together:

    Being together is all that what matters but a hectic shift at work can send you in a tizzy. So promise your partner a time you will be together for sure. Buy them something that you will do together for the hope that if you aren't together this day it doesn't matter and you will get to do this super awesome thing later together. It could be concert tickets, movie tickets, spa date coupons or even a joint gym membership.

  1. Bake a cupcake!

    Maybe get a store-bought instead, no one's judging! With all that work who has time? But if you do (just in case) you could surprise your loved one with baked goodies and icing of their choice. Do it from scratch or just throw in a box-mix in a microwave! It will be done in 10minutes, tops! Add a cute little message and voila! The sweetest valentine's gift, no pun intended.

Don't worry! Just make it work! You may not get to spend time with them one-on-one due to hectic work routine but they understand it. It's the thought that counts! So celebrate this Valentine's Day stress-free and guilt-free. You are doing what's important! And once again we thank you for your sacrifice and hard work!

Happy Valentine's Day!