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30 December

Why You Should Wear Your Scrubs To Work?

You might love them or hate them, but scrubs are a unanimous uniform worn by healthcare professionals in almost all healthcare settings. Moreover, they have a variety of benefits that make it easier for patients to identify their healthcare provider.

Scrubs allow nurses to identify bodily fluids and contaminants. Being inexpensive, you can get a variety of trendy scrubs without spending an arm and a leg. More so, they are easy to clean and protect your regular clothing from getting damaged.

Below are some of the benefits of wearing scrubs to work:

Scrubs Protect You from Harmful Contaminants

Scrubs are a great way for medical professionals to identify bodily waste and contaminants such as urine, blood, stool, vomit, and other fluids.

The type of scrub you wear to your workplace depends upon the organizational policy. For instance, majority of nurses are supposed to wear scrubs in solid colors such as white or blue. On the other hand, few institutions allow nurses to wear fashion scrubs in vibrant hues and patterns.

The policies are also dependent on the department you work for. For instance, pediatric wards may allow printed scrubs.

Scrubs Can Be Cleaned With Ease

Most healthcare facilities have dedicated laundries that help in cleaning the scrubs by using special cleaning chemicals and high temperatures that sterilize the nursing wear. These types of cleaning agents are relatively harsher than the regular detergents ensuring that the medical uniform is free from all contaminants.

Using such chemicals on regular clothing may result in damage. Thereby, scrubs ensure safety and ease. Moreover, the specialized technique used ensures that they are properly cleaned and all contaminants are carefully removed.

Scrubs Are Generally Cleaner Than Regular Clothes

Provided the fact that some organizations offer laundry facility for scrubs, it is believed that scrubs are generally cleaner than personal clothing since they are washed followed strict hygiene protocols.
Moreover, scrubs are not re-worn without proper cleaning thus they make it difficult to carry potential contaminants or germs to work. This minimizes the chances of both - patients and nurses carrying germs from one person to person.

Scrubs Are Inexpensive Alternative

Basic nursing scrubs are generally cheaper making them disposable if need be. Moreover, they don't require any specialized care making them great for professionals on the go. In case they get damaged or ruined, you can easily opt for another one without spending an arm and a leg.