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Wearing Scrubs in Public - Yayy or Nayy?

23 October

Wearing Scrubs in Public - Yayy or Nayy?

My guilty confession is that I wear my scrubs in public at times. I am not a healthcare professional, but whenever a manufacturer comes up with any new collection with new and improved fabric blend, I make sure to add it to my cart.

Wearing it myself helps me judge the quality post wash and give an unbiased review to my readers. My honest review has more weightage than those of a manufacturer.

Whenever I wear a scrub outside, I've observed that random strangers pass a smile or make eye contact with me. If I am at a supermarket standing in a queue or sitting at a restaurant, people ask which hospital I work at, or if I am a doctor or a nurse. My reaction is often, "No, I just like wearing scrubs." In response, they get awkward and ignore me. This social experiment gives me a sense of validation that scrubs are an important aspect of any medical professional's personality.

In all honesty, a patient is extremely vulnerable when he is admitted in a hospital. The medical staff works tirelessly to make them feel better by caring for them, cleaning them up, giving them food and show warmth. Therefore, over the passage of time, the scrubs you wear have become a symbol of respect and nobility. They serve as a ray of hope for all those who are struggling.
In my opinion that I have formed after observing for quite some time by wearing scrubs in public and noticing the reaction of people, I am still not sure whether people should wear them outside or no.

For starters, you need to be smart with the choices you make. If you are working as a receptionist at a clinic or a doctor's office, there is a low probability that your scrubs will be contaminated. Therefore, you can easily carry them beyond the scope of your work.

On the contrary, if you are working directly with patients, then the chances of carrying harmful bacteria, contaminants, increases exponentially. If you directly encounter people with contagious illness, your hospital may have a changing facility and laundry service for uniforms. Ideally, you should come to work in your home clothes, change to your uniform and work shoes, and change back to your street clothes once done. For professionals, the scrubs need to be sanitized and cleaned at all instances.

If you are working at a hospital facility, you should take the initiative to prevent contamination. Wear your own clothes when going to or coming back from work. Carry your essentials in a duffle bag and keep your clean clothes separate from the contaminated ones.

All in all, wear your clean scrubs outside if you want to get the attraction!