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Here's why Clean Scrubs Are an Essential for Nurses

29 Oct

Here's why Clean Scrubs Are an Essential for Nurses

Scrubs are the most important uniform for nurses. Ironically, regardless of how important scrubs are, they are often overlooked by nurses in terms of looking presentable. Once you complete your long work shift, your scrubs are likely to be in the ugliest of shape. They require a deep wash to remove all bacteria and germs. This is the primary reason why nurses are often asked to keep their scrubs clean ensuring the safety if their peers, patients and colleagues.

You may find it weird, but the scrubs a nurse wears has a profound impact when interacting with other colleagues, patients and nurses. Thus, a nurse needs to pay close attention to the scrubs the wear which shouldn't be dirty scrubs, wrinkled or stained.

During your nursing school tenure, taking care of how you look is your primary objective. There is a reason why students are instructed during labs to carry professional nursing attire. During clinical, nurses get the opportunity to network with colleagues and potential employers. These people are quite helpful in the long run as they can offer you jobs or refer your job applications to employers. Therefore, the scrubs you wear says a lot about your character or hygiene.

As per research, when you make a first impression, an individual has less than seven seconds to make a mark on another individual. Mostly, the first impressions are made in correspondence with a person's appearance. Even before a conversation or an interview, the impression has already been made.

So now that you have realized that your personality plays a pivotal role in making a career in nursing. Let's talk about why clean scrubs actually matter.

It Reflects Upon Your Work Ethics

An integral part of nursing is the need to wear comfortable clothes that can withstand long shifts and intense wear and tear. It is normal for nurses to not get the time to get dressed up for work or freshen up their look during shift hours. However, the way you look and present yourself reflects on your work ethics. If you have the time and patience to take care of your scrubs, it gives an impression that you have a knack for detailing. Moreover, wearing the right attire to work will also have an influence on the sort of response you will receive from others. Nurses who are clean get an engaging and positive response in contrast to those who are wearing dirty scrubs.

Serves As a Positive Reinforcement

Clean scrubs tend to make a good impression on your patients, colleagues, visitors and administration. A nurse who is clad in clean scrubs resonate confidence and adds value to your performance at work. Now just imagine a nurse who is coming to work in wrinkled and dirty scrubs and another in clean scrubs, who will look more professional at work and who would choose to take care of you?

Fortunately or unfortunately, appearance makes a profound impression, particularly in the healthcare field. People who are untidy give an impression that they are disease ridden.

Just consider clean scrubs to be as important as washing your hands or wearing gloves. The material of the scrubs tends to catch germs and whatever is then exposed to it catches those germs. Therefore, nurses are required to wear gloves to keep themselves protected. Moreover, you will not also see a nurse reusing their gloves.

Nurses do not reuse gloves. Think of your scrubs in the same sense and remember to care for them and wash them after every shift.

Get a Professional Look

When you give yourself time to dress up each day, what you wear has a profound impact on your personality. Wearing clean scrubs before your shift or clinical will give your more confidence and prepare you for your day. You will not have the regret of wearing a wrinkled scrub to work. Feel pride in the noble profession you practice and show that you care. It is the dignity of your profession that you endorse, so do it with precision. According to a popular saying, dress up for the job you want.

Scrubs Aren't Cheap, Take Care Of them

Good quality scrubs are an expensive purchase. Particularly those brands that are comfortable and offer optimal functionality. For instance, good quality scrubs allow you to move easily without rubbing against brittle fabric. Moreover, a good scrub is incomplete without nursing shapes that are comfortable.

Once you purchase these scrubs, make sure to take care of them and remove any germs and bacteria. Air dry them and fold them once dried so they don't wrinkle. If you have time, you can iron and hanger them.

While you are in nursing school, keeping your scrubs clean may not be on top of your list. While you may find it difficult to manage work, family and school, you are likely to forget about throwing your scrubs in the laundry or ironing them to make them wrinkle free. However, it will make a big difference in your career as a nurse.

Bottom Line

So by now you know that why clean scrubs matter. Once you are employed, you become a reflection of the organization that has employed you. Thereby, employers expect that you reinforce their virtues by your personality in general. As a nurse, you are expected to value yourself and nursing as a profession. Thus, the best way to do this is by improving your professional appearance.