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Why Trauma Nurses Deserve your Utmost Respect?

They Have Seen It All

Blood, guts and all in between - a Trauma Nurse is not scared of anything. From patients with life threatening illness to patients with their hands glued together, a trauma nurse has quite frankly seen it all. Working hectic shifts and in one the most chaotic environments of the hospital also known as the trauma ward or ER comes naturally to Trauma Nurses. They take care of acute emergencies and injuries in stride. Trauma Nurses are trained in emergency care and have the responsibility of stabilizing a trauma victim and prevent secondary complications.

They are there for the Doctors

These nurses are trained professionals with a wide range of skill set. They understand the acute complications to catastrophic medical conditions, they can handle code black situations - they are in short ER Doctor's lifesavers. The doctors depend on their nurses to be clear headed and bring their A-game to the ER ward. They have no room to makes errors and have to pay extra attention to detail, in case the Doctor missed something. Almost all doctors have a story of how a Trauma Nurse helped him or her in a grave situation. New doctors and young residents quickly come to learn how Trauma Nurses have great experience and wisdom to offer that they can benefit from.

They are tough - when need to be

Nurses aid patients with serious injuries such as strokes, attempted suicides, car accidents or undiagnosed medical conditions. In such times emotions are running high and people are on edge. Trauma ward is where patients and their family members are under high emotional stress due to life and death nature of the work performed there. Therefore it's very common that nurses face verbal abuse when tempers are shot. They are shouted at and mostly end up taking an earful of angry arguments and mistreatment. It is a testament to their profession that even then nurses do their job and do it well. They maintain their composure and conduct in spite of the abuse they take.

They do the REAL dirty work

Nurses do the nitty gritty stuff. They are the ones cleaning bandages, wiping blood, changing diapers, bathing patients, making beds and clearing out pans. They do this gross work without hesitation - facing some of the nastiest thing that will stop any individual in their tracks.

They are on their feet around the clock

Trauma nurses have to work demanding hours and have to have great physical endurance. They are expected to be on their feet for long hours and be running around the hospital for mandatory tasks. They are expected to be physically fitter than other nurses because of the nature of their work. Sometimes they are working straight 12-hours shifts without break. They are exhausted and sleep-deprived but still work diligently. Trauma Nurses are sometimes called in duty at times of Thanksgiving, Christmas Holidays and New Year's Eve and have to sacrifice personal time for the good of their profession.

They know their patients better

Doctors perform their rounds and come and go as they please. Their interaction with the patients is limited to five minutes visits to reading their vitals on their medical file. Nurses on the other hand are the ones who spend most time with their patients. They hear their stories, soothe their worries and empathetically help them out in any way they could. They talk to patient's family members and keep them informed. Nurses forge a bond with their patients and help alienate their fears.

Trauma Nurses in conclusion are the real superheroes of any hospital. They give it their all and personally invest their time and effort for the better of their patients. We need to recognize them for all their hard work and commitment. They sacrifice their time to take care of our loved ones and for that we should be especially thankful to them.