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Women's Scrub Tops to Kick Your Day off Right
27 July 2023

Women's Scrub Tops to Kick Your Day off Right

One thing that can help you kick start your day right as a nurse is the right medical uniform that boosts your confidence instantly and keeps you upbeat. As a nursing professional, the scrub you wear plays an important role in keeping your moral high and ensuring your comfort through the toughest of shifts. Therefore, choosing the women's scrub tops that renders an effortless fit is important. The good thing is that there are a variety of options now available catering to your distinct needs.

In this blog, we have listed some of the best women's scrub tops available and how they are a notch above their counterparts. No matter if you are looking for something chic and trendy, functional or eco-friendly, there is definitely a scrub top that checks all those boxes.

Comfortable and Soft: Healing Hands Scrubs

If you are looking for scrubs that are comfortable, then Healing Hands scrubs are your best bet. Crafted using the best of cotton and polyester fabric, these scrubs are lightweight, soft, breathable and comfortable - making them just right for long shifts. These scrubs come with a V-neck and relaxed fit for easy mobility and superior performance on the go.

Athletic and Breathable: Dickies Scrubs

If you are on the lookout for a scrub top that is not just breathable but also athletic, Dickies Scrubs is just that brand for you. Crafted using antimicrobial fabric blend, the moisture wicking properties will keep you cool, active, fresh and dry through the toughest of shift. Known for its athletic, modern, stylish and versatile design, the scrubs are popular amongst healthcare professionals.

Functional and Fashionable: Cherokee Infinity

Those nurses who want a scrub top that is functional and fashionable, Cherokee Infinity is the right choice. These women's scrub tops are known for their contemporary fit and one of a kind back detailing making them the preferred choice for the fashion forward healthcare professionals. Moreover, these scrubs are equipped with performance features like multiple pockets, side vents, stylish accents and more to give you an edgy look.

Fun and Vibrant: HeartSoul Scrubs

If you want to make your personality fun and vibrant, HeartSoul Scrubs are just right for you. The scrubs by HeartSoul have a free-spirited look and feel encapsulating attractive prints and designs. From cute cartoon characters, floral, abstract prints and more, you are bound to standout at your workplace. Crafted using stretchable fabric, the scrubs enable easy movement keeping you at ease through the longest of days at work.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly: Sketchers

For those who take eco-friendliness and sustainability seriously when it comes to their professional wear, Sketchers is the brand for you. The scrubs are crafted using sustainable material such as organic cotton or recycled polyester. They offer improved durability which again makes them a viable investment that lasts wash after wash.

Versatile and Timeless: Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

Grey's Anatomy scrubs are simply timeless that never go out of style. The scrubs are known for their contemporary designs that are professional yet versatile. This has made the brand a preferred choice of professionals in a relatively shorter time span. Crafted using premium quality, moisture wicking fabric that keeps you fresh and active to ensure your comfort all day long.

Bold and Bright: WonderWink

If you wish to make a statement with your scrubs, WonderWink is the right choice for you. They have women's scrub tops available in a variety of bright and bold colors as well as designs and prints. They also feature a study fabric blend that is stretchable and comfortable ensuring ease of movement and flexibility.

Choosing the Right Scrub Top for You

When it comes to choosing medical uniforms for your workplace, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration. Firstly, make sure to keep your comfort and functionality as the front runner. Opt for those scrub tops that are crafted using breathable fabric and are equipped with spacious pockets that allow you to move freely.

Secondly, always take the fit into consideration. The best women's scrub tops are those that compliment your body type. Getting the right fit can instantly uplift your entire look and personality.

Lastly, get scrubs from reputed brands. Some brands have now established their credibility in the industry where they are known for providing quality workwear. Investing in a scrub that may be priced steeply but lasts wash after wash is better than an inexpensive scrubs that fades out after the first few wears.

In a nutshell, the scrubs you choose will impact your overall personality and persona. Choose the best scrubs as per your personal preference and slay at your workplace.