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12 Simple Tips to Defeat Your Smoking Habit

You may be enjoying the puffs of smoke, but there is no safe way to consume tobacco. Replacing your cigarettes with a pipe, cigar, or hookah can't help you prevent the health risks associated with tobacco consumption. Therefore, if you are really concerned about your health and well-being, make a steadfast resolution to quit smoking with 12 simple tips as mentioned below:

1. Find Reasons behind Cutting Smoking

You must have a powerful, personal logical reason to get motivated to quit smoking. It may include:

• Feel younger and look youthful

• Protecting your family from secondhand smoke

• Lower your risks of getting respiratory issues, lung cancer, cardiovascular disorder, heart disease, or other chronic health conditions

2. Prepare Yourself

Quitting smoking at once could affect your health negatively, especially when you are immensely addicted to it. Therefore, seek a doctor's advice in this regard, take a quit-smoking class, and make the most of the counseling, medication, and mental therapies.

3. Make it Spotless

Upon finishing your last cigarette, throw away all of your lighters and ashtrays. Wash your clothes, clean your draperies, carpets, curtains, and upholstery that smell like smoke. Use air fresheners to vanish that familiar scent. Ensure cleanliness in your car and at your office desk as well. Make it spotless for anything which may remind you of smoking.

4. Bring Forth Replacement

Quitting smoking may give you headaches due to the withdrawal of nicotine, affecting your mood and energy. To outweigh the craving for just a single drag is often tough. In such cases, Nicotine-replacement therapy may help you curb such urges. Studies suggest taking nicotine gum, and lozenges as alternative items can help an individual in the quit-smoking program.

5. Prescription Pills

Medicine, as prescribed by your doctor, can help you curb your craving and may also make smoking tasteless when you pick up a cigarette. Moreover, certain drugs help ease withdrawal symptoms including depression and anxiety.

6. Say No to Alcohol and Other Triggers

Drinking often makes it difficult for you to stick to your quit-smoking aim. At the initial phase of cutting smoking, try to limit alcohol consumption. Similarly, if you are habitual of smoking after taking coffee, switch to tea for a few weeks. Likewise, if you often smoke immediately upon eating meals, replace it with something else, such as chewing gum, taking a walk, brushing your teeth, or texting your friend.

7. Perseverance

You may have impulses to light up many times, don't be discouraged and demotivated. Instead, think about the reason behind such urge and emotions. Utilize it as an opportunity to reinforce your commitment to quitting. Try once more, and set another “quit date” now for next month.

8. Stay Active

Being active and performing daily light exercises can curb nicotine cravings and soothe some withdrawal symptoms. Therefore, whenever you experience the impulse to light up, walk in your corridor or turn on the music and dance. Doing so will help you ward off weight gain along with quitting smoking.

9. Improve Your Diet

If you are hungry or on a diet during your practice to quit smoking, your hunger may trigger an urge to smoke and lack of energy may make it difficult for you to fight it. Therefore, always take three meals a day without compromising on nutritious breakfast . You can consume healthy, low-calorie snacks between meals. Take vegetable sticks such as carrots or cucumber, or sugar-free gum or mint candy to satiate the hunger and especially to ward off emergency impulses.

10. Take a Break

You could also be smoking to achieve relaxation through nicotine consumption. Upon quitting, you'll require new ways of getting satisfaction. There are several options to choose from to soothe yourself such as listening to your favorite music, connecting with family and friends, getting a massage, and spending some of your time on your hobbies. Do your best to prevent stressful circumstances during your first few weeks of quitting smoking.

11. Know Your Reward

Along with chieving health benefits, you can use your money saved out of quitting smoking on fun and recreation, or it could be more than this as well.

12. Remember That Things Are In Your Favor

You will notice several health benefits as soon as you quit smoking, such as improvement in your respiratory system, and lowered risk of heart issues and other chronic illnesses.

Your health is your responsibility. I hope by following above-mentioned tips, you can easily cut smoking gradually. Wish you a healthy and smoke-free life!