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How to Decide Which Nursing Career Is Right for You
11 February

How to Decide Which Nursing Career Is Right for You

When you decide to pursue a career in nursing, you have already chosen a tough path. But, this is just a beginning. The next big decision you have to think about is which nursing specialty is right for you. With so many options available, it might get overwhelming for you to choose the right option. Before proceeding, it is important to know that there is ‘never’ a ‘right’ time to finalize what you really want to do.

Whether you are still studying in the nursing school or have gained a few years of experience, it is never too early or late to make your decision. However, to make things convenient for you, this article will focus on how to decide which specialty is right for you, once you have planned to pursue your nursing career.

Let's be honest, earning certifications in different fields such as CCRN is an incredible achievement. But, what matters the most is gaining valuable experience in a certain area which will increase your worth at work.

Here is how we can help you make an informed decision:

  • Overall personality: Your personality plays a vital role in making this decision. It all depends on the role you are actually willing to take. If you consider yourself as a leader of group, you can choose to become supervisor or nurse manager. This can lead you to top ranks in healthcare institutions. On the contrary, if you are not much of a team player, but have great attention to detail skills, you can work as nursing research assistant.
  • Current experience: If you have currently started working somewhere to pursue your professional experience, this can be a good start. If the specialty or field interests you, you can build upon the experience by taking more responsibilities.
  • Internship experience: In case, you are in the midst of a nursing school, explore your options by applying for internships. Choose a field which you like or want to explore to determine your interests. This way, you can get hands-on experience on different types of specialties making your final decision easier.
  • Stress quotient: How much stress can you actually bear? Not all individuals have same stress quotient and are sensitive. For instance, many nurses do not cope well with patient losses or panic during extreme stress situations. Depending on how much you can take can be of great help when you choose the right nursing specialty.

Hence in a nutshell, we understand that in such situations you only have to make the right decision. Choosing a nursing specialty sets the path for your entire career. And, if you go wrong here, you might enjoy it as much as you would like to have. Therefore, take your time and think where you fit right.