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The Evolution of Nursing Uniform Scrubs

22 July

The Evolution of Nursing Uniform Scrubs

The uniform of nurses had evolved considerably over the passage of time. Dating back to 1800s where floor length dresses with aprons were used by masses to colorful scrubs in a variety of styles, the industry has evolved considerably. With design modifications based on functionality, role of nurses, and professionalism - scrubs have modified completely.

Before the foundation of modern nursing was laid in 19th century, nuns were responsible for offering medical treatment to the injured and sick. Therefore, the first uniform matched that of a nun mostly. Today, the image of a nurse clad in a white dress, stocking, shoes and a white hat is primitively obsolete. With time, hospitals have changed their dress codes where most nurses practicing today have never worn the traditional medical uniform at all.

Today, nurses where scrubs in healthcare facilities. Primarily, a scrub is a medical uniform with short sleeve tops and pants. The term scrubs originated because it was initially adorned by surgeons and professionals in operating theatres.

There are several reasons why the authorities decided to bring a change to this trend. The evolution of nursing scrubs and clothing has come a long way. We have explained, in brief, a few reasons why it was a much needed change:

Overall looks and personality matter

Considering how rampantly the world of fashion is changing, it has taken the healthcare industry by storm as well. Gone are the days when you were only had to wear a white dress with skirt or green scrub. Fashion has revolutionized the medical industry allowing nurses to improve their outward appearance. Previously, patients as well as other health care professionals used to make assumptions by seeing their appearance.

The real evolution

From white dress to green scrubs, it was a long journey. However, nowadays professionals have access to a wide range of catalog of scrubs. There are designer wears, digital prints, and other trendy scrubs that gives you a better overall look. You are not restricted to keep wearing the same dress each and every day. Every new day means new clothing - wear as per your convenience.

Trendy scrubs as uniform

The green scrubs never differentiated the nurses from different departments - for instance, departments or staff positions. This resulted in the existence of nonsurgical scrubs which was soon accepted by the healthcare industry. You have access to numerous designs, colors, and prints to choose your daily attire from. We, at Pulse Uniform, have more than 2000 products on our website. With only top quality brands available, you can choose your desired patient care personnel wear.