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Look Good in Scrubs
4 February

Tips to Look Good and Cute in Scrubs

As a nurse, it is your job to keep others healthy, happy and safe. However, you need to ensure that you do all this without compromising on your personal comfort and style.

For nurses, scrubs are a professional wardrobe essential. Therefore, you need to find a pair that keeps you comfortable at work and give your personality an edge.

Here’s how you can look cute and good while at work:

1. Flaunt Scrubs That Compliment Your Fit

By wearing scrubs that fit well can make all the difference in terms of comfort and appearance. The scrubs that enhance your physique give an overall chic look. Generally, people have this impression that scrubs are baggy, uncomfortable, unimpressive and bulky. However, this is not the case. As a nurse, you will be surprised to learn that a well-fitting scrub can give you a professional look, making you stand out at work.

2. Accessorize Your Scrubs Smartly

You can add character to your scrubs by accessorizing it smartly. By adding watches, charms and tags to your scrubs, you can bring out the best of your medical uniforms. For instance, to make your solid scrubs stand out, you can add a decorative name tag or a functional stethoscope. Moreover, you can also get your name embroidered to add an oomph factor to your personality.

3. Select the Right Fabric Blend to Enjoy Comfort

Generally, medical settings and hospitals are extremely cold which makes it difficult for nurses to focus on their chores due to the uncontrollable shivers and chills. By wearing a snug and cozy scrub jacket, you will not only look effortlessly attractive but also stay warm. Thereby, a scrub jacket combines modern design with functionality as it gives nurses the comfort they’ve longed for.

Similarly, if you are working in hot climatic conditions, sprinting from one place to another, you need a comfy t-shirt to layer up your lab coats. Such a shirt can keep you comfortable and cool. Moreover, if your scrub has features like anti-microbial technology or moisture wicking ability, you are bound to feel great even during the toughest of shifts.

4. Style Yourself in the Right Prints and Colors

While choosing a scrub, opt for a color that enhances your skin tone. For instance, bright neon colors look great on people with fair skinned people. Similarly, darker hues are preferred on whitish skin tones. Moreover, if you wish to play safe, got for monotone scrub sets.

Make sure to choose prints strategically. For example, bold prints can be distracting while small designs can give a flattering look.

5. Take Care of Your Scrubs

When you fund a good pair of solid scrubs, make sure to take good care of them. With your routine work, scrubs generally undergo wear and tear. To keep them in pristine condition, make sure to wash them on low speed with mild detergent. Similarly, do not tumble dry as it can damage the fabric, rather let them dry on their own.