Best Nurses' Week 2019 Gift Ideas | Gifts for Nurses Week

19 April

Best Nurses' Week 2019 Gift Ideas | Gifts for Nurses Week

Nursing Week is dedicated to all healthcare professionals who are working tireless to offer the best medical services. Often hospitals consider Nursing Week to be an added expense. However, it is not necessary that you spend a fortune to have fun, rather you need to come up with enticing ideas to make your nursing week one of a kind.

Since medical professionals are always busy, they don't have much time to conduct an in-depth search. However, here we have listed some affordable yet intriguing ideas that are destined to show that you care.

1. Stethoscope

A stethoscope is a nursing staple that is essential for diagnosis. A medical professional is incomplete without a good quality stethoscope. Gifting a stethoscope is a smart investment as they will be using this device time and again. While this may be considered a pricey investment, it is one that will be functional and rewarding.

2. Nurse pins

If you are looking for cheap yet useful giveaways is a nursing pin. You can opt for a cute nursing pin by ordering online, or make one yourself.

3. Make A digital slideshow

This is one of the most effective ways to show you care. Brainstorm, plan, create and present a digital slideshow. There are multiple ways through which you can create an impact. For instance, you can make a slideshow of different moments captured at work and revive the good old memories and make the nurses' week memorable for them.

4. Movie And Popcorn Party

Nurses is all about spreading positivity, happiness and inclusiveness. You can create a poll asking your staff to vote on a movie they'd like to watch together. Arrange popcorns and other goodies and let them unwind.

5. Make Goodies

If you are interested in baking or know people around who have a passion for making yum goodies, then get along and dedicate a few hours to make some treats for your team. There are several yummy treats that are specifically designed for nurses.

6. Pens

It is a common sight to find nurses looking for their pens. Give a personalized pen to your staff and add a touch of exclusivity to it. You can either gift them with their pictures or have their names engraved on it to make it memorable for the nurses week.

7. Embroidered Scrubs

A scrub is a necessity for all nursing professionals. Get an embroidered scrub with their name and make an impression like never before. A few online platforms also offer free embroidery services, making them a suitable choice will be good for this Nurses week.


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