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Things You Can Do with a Nursing Degree in 2019

29 March

Things You Can Do with a Nursing Degree in 2019

Nursing is divided into four discrete branches namely children's nursing, adult nursing, learning disability nursing and mental health nursing. All the dedicated degree programs will equip for offering suitable care for the injured, sick or those in hospital. Nurses work with doctors and other medical technicians to offer pathway care for all patients,

Nursing Degree

The curriculum imparted to nursing depends on the nursing specialty you choose. Ideally, a nursing course is 50% theoretical and 50% clinical across a range of different disciplines. During placement, a nurse will be mentored by a practicing nurse.

Clinical Procedures before the Degree

During the first phase, students are imparted basic clinical procedures and concepts. These remain same across all four strands. From second year onwards, students will only study their specialized education.

Adult Nursing

An adult nursing specialty is the broadest course offering as it caters to a variety of settings including general practice, hospital, schools, and prisons. It caters to modules including long-term conditions, complex care, public health, management and leadership.

Children Nursing

Children nursing degree prepares you for a career in treating injured and sick children. Such a nurse can work in charity, hospital, school, and children's hospice. These modules cater to infection prevention and control and working alongside families.

Learning Disabilities Nursing

Learning disabilities nursing program caters to both - children and adults. This helps in supporting them in everyday activities ensuring physical and mental well-being. The modules cater to managing complex situations, learning disabilities and ethical practices that need to be adopted in nursing.

Mental Health Nursing

A mental health degree focuses on aspects of supporting the mental and physical health of patients suffering with mental health conditions. Modules include delivering compassionate, community engagement, and service improvement.

What Nurses Can Do After Graduation?

Most nurses who acquire their education are inclined towards becoming registered nurses working in a variety of settings and fields. The opportunities are different for all and far reaching such as working in army, general practice, community, prison and hospice.

Nurses have the options of studying further to specialize in dedicated fields such as oncology, diabetes, neurology, etc. the possibilities are endless, but it depends on a nurse how much she wishes to dedicate herself to the profession to excel.

A nursing graduate has several opportunities to choose from. The possibilities are endless where nurses can work as managers in hospitals, trusts and other settings. You can also serve the army, or join any governmental organization. Moreover, another option is to serve as a counselor in social welfare.