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15 January

Top 6 Nursing School Supplies for Students

Nurses are always on the lookout of nursing essentials that are practical, affordable and sturdy. Finding the right tools can simply add convenience to your life. Here are some nursing supplies that are a must have for all.

1. Stethoscope

The primary tool that all nurses need throughout their nursing tenure is a stethoscope. Since a stethoscope is a prized possession of all paramedical staff, choosing the right one can make all the difference. The Littman Cardiology stethoscope is practically the best for those who can afford. The stethoscope performs exceptionally well and can hear the minutest acoustics making it super sensitive for everyday use. Moreover, Littman stethoscopes offer the best warranty with an average of 7 years. With its quality and performance, these stethoscopes are well worth your money.

2. Penlight

One of the most dreaded situations for a nurse is not having their penlight. No matter where you are, you will always need one. While these are a must for your neuro exams but are also a great help to peep into crevices for a better look. These penlights are generally priced affordably and also come with replaceable batteries for extended use. The most practical ones are those that have pupil size on the side particularly for nurses starting their career and students. Moreover, if you tend to lose things quite quickly, then opt for a pack of 6 disposable penlights.

3. Scissors

For any nurse, there is nothing worse than not having scissors in your pocket. The last thing you’d want is to bother your peers during medical rounds looking here and there for scissors. Get yourself good quality scissors, place a badge reel and keep them in your pocket. You can easily hook the scissors to the badge reel so that they don’t slide out.

4. Compression Socks

We are hoping that you know this. In case not, it is advised to get compression socks for your legs and feet. Nursing is a very demanding job which requires you to be on your feet for longer durations. Make sure to add this to your daily routine before you regret it!

5. Clinical Bag

You have a lot of things to carry, including a few mentioned in this article. Where would you put all this stuff? Invest in a clinical bag that is compact, but offers good storage space. Most of the times, nurses prefer to buy ordinary bags over dedicated clinical bags. The only difference is that clinical bags offer more diversity in terms of storage and accessibility.

6. Clip Board

Nursing means you have to handle a lot of paperwork and reference sheets throughout the day. And, for that, you need a clipboard to keep all confidential information of your patients safe. Hence, in a nutshell, these are a few of many nursing school supplies that you should have. We have stocked the majority of the products from all leading brands in the world at very affordable prices. Have a look and order one today!